Sunday, March 15, 2015

Investigation Update 3.15.2015

It's Saint Patrick's Day weekend in Savannah- but those aren't the kinds of spirits we are interested in! Here's what happening in the Gribble House...

This past Sunday evening, we had a group of ladies investigate with us who had been ghost hunting all over the country, and in Berlin! One of the ladies was feeling fine when the night started, but the moment she stepped into the warehouse, she got a piercing headache that lasted until the evening ended. One spirit that the ladies heard from over and over was Edward. Eddie, Ed, and Edward came through the Ghost Box several times over the course of the evening. That same voice had quite a bit to say. At one point he said "Help". When the group told him they couldn't help him he replied "Help me... pray for us". Creepy.

The group also heard quite a bit from a lady spirit. The same voice responded several times through the Ghost Box. THey asked her if someone had died in here, to which the lady voice responded "In the meadow". They also heard children's giggles, and Raggedy Ann doll was very popular. They asked the child spirits to touch the doll, and she would light up the whole way!

Monday was just as exciting as Sunday night. The very first thing that happened while Susannah and Kelley were setting up, Susannah was testing the Ghost Boxes and speakers. Right as she was looking them over "Check" came through one of the boxes in her voice! How bizarre!

Lots of names were called through the Ghost Box tonight- Anne, Rick, Chris, Melinda, Kelly, Paul, George, John, Esther, Annette and Seth. One of the groups asked the spirits in the Slave Quarters what they did for a living and they got the response "Country". Another group was in the Gribble House area and they asked if our souls could exist in other dimensions at the same time. The immediate response was a resounding "NO". Almost as eerie, another group was investigating at the Residual area when "Watching video... wave" came through the box. One of the guys who was investigating, Travis, was called an "Idiot" and told to "Leave". We can't promise that the spirits will be nice.

We may not be able to promise the spirits will be nice, but sometimes they do seem to enjoy the fact we are there. On Tuesday night, a group was investigating in the Gribble House area and their speaker turned on and off by itself! Dani was with the group at the time, so she asked if they could do it again, to which she got the response "Not for you". At the point, another spirit came through the Box and said they were "Playing a game" with the group.

Tuesday night we had a guest whose name was called through the box, as well. A group was sitting just outside the Slave Quarters and they asked if the spirits could call out their names. Dana, one of the girls who was investigating in the group, had her name called!

Thursday was super good, as well. We had some great communication with several spirits in the building. We heard from Pat, who said he was 6 years old. We also heard from Carol who said she was 30 years old. Mary told us that her husband Jeff wanders and hides inside the warehouse, and Charlie told us he was a soldier.

Another very unsettling spirit that the investigators communicated with was Sam, who claimed he was the "Murder", but he also said he was "In Heaven", but "Not forgiven". He was a very brash spirit to communicate with- one lady asked him if he had children to which he responded "f*** off".

Another spirit that was much more pleasant had no name, but when one of the investigators started feeling nauseous in the Stage Area, she was touched and heard "God bless" come through the box. We get skeptics and believers alike who come to investigate with us.

On Friday night, everyone was a firm believer. In fact, the one woman who investigated with us, Beth, is quite sure that her great grandmother's spirit is always with her. While she was in the Slave Quarters, Beth asked if the spirits didn't want to talk with her because there was a spirit with her, and "Grandma" came through the Ghost Box. Also in the Slave Quarters, they asked if there were any spirits that would like to talk to them, to which they got the response "Couple", "Mike and Rachael".

When the ladies moved to the Gribble House area, they were told several times to "Leave". While they weren't welcome in the Gribble House, they spirits were unhappy to see them go for the night. In fact, as they were leaving the Warehouse for the night, they heard the word "Stay" come through the Ghost Box.

Finally, last night was a great night for EMF and Ghost meter action- and the REM pod to boot! The group investigating heard from Paul, Willie, Louie, Carol, Horace, Steve and Yusef. While in the Slave Quarters, they heard "Yusef is evil" come through the Ghost Box.One of the ladies investigating felt her head touched, so she asked Steve if he had touched her hair. She got the response of "Yes, soft- nice". Another lady was on the Stage with a pair of vampire teeth in, and the word "Devil" came through the Box.

Near the Gribble House area, Kelley and Susannah could smell a faint scent of flowers or perfume while they were setting up. Later on, as the groups dispersed to investigated, everyone could smell the overwhelming scent again. Right at the same moment that everyone was catching the aroma, the EMF detector went all the way up to red and stayed there for several seconds. When the EMF detector when back down to green, the smell slowly faded away.