Sunday, March 1, 2015

Investigation Update 3.1.2015

We've been keeping busy in the nasty weather this week inside the Gribble House. Here's what's been going on...

Last Sunday night was very interesting. To start off, the entire building seemed to be alive- lots of noises were coming from the roof, like someone was walking around up there. The Ghost boxes were full of angry and panicked noises from odd sounding laughs and yells to "Help me", and "Help". At one point, one of the ladies investigating asked if the spirits were being mean, and a loud and clear "YES" came through the box. When they then asked who was in the building that evening communicating with them "Your dad" was the response.

One of the men investigating said that he could feel like someone was leaning in on him and that fingers were being run through his hair. In fact, he and his partner were so into their experience Sunday night that they were inspired to check out other ghostly activity in Savannah.

We get both believers, skeptics and firm non-believers in the Gribble House- although we like to think that not many people leave as skeptics. On Tuesday night, one entire group claimed to be skeptics. Despite their claim, activity happened all around them! Every time our lead investigator, Kelley, went near them, the Ghost Box was giving them great intelligent responses.

One of the couples, named Debbie and Jeff, however were NOT skeptics. Debbie is a Hospice nurse who was sensitive, and had a lot of experience with spirits. She felt that there was no negativity in the building. They had a lot of activity happening around them, including having their names called and having a spirit named Toby follow them around the Warehouse. However, when they wanted to go into the Slave Quarters, Toby told them that he "couldn't" follow them into there.

Another couple investigating on Tuesday were from Buffalo (brrrrrr), and they collected a lot of evidence as well! They got some amazing results with the Ovilus, getting words like "Hide", "Backdoor", "Humans", and "Paranormal". They were even able to get the same words to be repeated when they asked. Friday night was really good, as well. So much activity happened all over the place. One couple communicated with a spirit who called himself "John", who told them he was African American, and while they were in the Slave Quarters, they snapped a picture in the mirror of what looks to be the figure of a tall man in a top hat. Crazy! When they asked through the Spirit Box who the figure was, the answer was "Death".

One of the girls investigating, Stephanie, was using a Ghost Meter in the Slave Quarters. At one point, she moved the device near the hole in the wall and it started blinking like mad! Then through the Ghost Box they heard "Stephanie, Go", like she wasn't invited to go near there.

Last evening was just as good. One of the women investigating said that she felt unusually cold all night long, but had a hot and burning sensation on the back of her neck. A gentleman in the group asked through the Ghost Box if they knew what his name was, an his nickname "Cookie" came through! That's awesome. They heard from Steven, Pete, Julia, Mike, Paul and Diana, last night as well.

We usually get mostly male voices come through the Spirit Box, but for some reason last night, we had a large number of female voices. Over by the Stage Area, Dani (our new lead investigator) was using the Raggedy Ann doll with some investigators. They were getting her to light up on demand, by asking the spirits to touch the hands or feet. Amazingly, Dani and the investigators saw the Doll being pushed off the chair there!

We're looking forward to better weather and more investigating inside the Gribble House!