Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Rundown 2.8.2015

Wow! We had a fantastic weekend in the warehouse. Despite being a cold weekend in February, and generally a slow month, we still had 35 eager investigators! Here's what happened...

On Friday Night, we had a family whose last name just happened to be Gribble. They came in fully prepared with their own cameras and open minds. With their cameras, they managed to capture several photos of strange lights and orbs- they even snapped a picture of a face in the mirror inside the Slave Quarters! Amazing.

One gentleman in the Gribble family was using the Ghost Meter and he asked the spirits he was communicating with if they wanted to "hurt him". The Ghost Meter responded "yes" and immediately his back began to hurt. That same fellow was seated in the Gribble House area and felt something brush against his leg. He got amazing responses through the Ghost Meter all night. At one point, using only Yes/No questions, he was told that the spirit wasn't "nice" and that he wanted him to "leave".

They heard from a large number of spirits that evening, include Dave, John, and a woman named Wendy. Although, it's hard to tell if everyone was telling the truth about their identity, since a woman who was investigating just so happened to be named Wendy as well.

The investigators also heard from someone named Robert, who insisted on being called Robbie through the Ghost Box. Dave was heard from all over the building, including the Slave Quarters. At one point, Dave stopped communicating, so two of the investigators asked him where he went, "we miss you". Dave obliged and came back to continue to converse.

Out at the Stage Area, two young girls tried to communicate with the children who are in the building by saying "It's okay. If you're a kid, come talk to us, we're kids too". Their response? Children giggling through the Ghost Box.

During the second tour of Friday night, the entire building was very active for the Ghost Box, the EMF and Ghost Meter. Even the Raggedy Ann Doll was super active, for lady in particular. Her named was Judy, and activity seemed to follow her wherever she went! At one point, Judy went off by herself, and our lead investigator Kelley swore she was someone going into the Slave Quarters, but it wasn't Judy or anyone else that was investigating. Strangely enough, earlier when Kelley was setting up, she felt as if she had run directly into someone at that same spot at the entrance of the Slave Quarters.

Saturday Night was just as eventful. All of the people investigating heard from the same names in different areas of the warehouse. Steve, Seth, Adam, Ian, Noah, David, and of course, Paul. Paul seemed to have a particular interest in one girl investigating named Lyndsi. Lyndsi and Paul communicated the whole evening, with a few very interesting moments. At one point, Lyndsi asked Paul how he felt about African Americans, to which he replied bluntly, "hate 'em". When she told Paul that she was a sailor, he called her a "liar". Paul can be pretty insensitive at times. The entire night, Lyndsi felt physically stiff.

Paul proceeded to call another male investigator a "thief", and told everyone in the group that he was not a murderer. At another point, Paul, being his normal self, was flirting with the ladies on the Stage, until Kait (our lead investigator) walked over. Her arrival only triggered an "EW" from Paul.

Lyndsi continued to be a popular lady,even in the Slave Quarters. When she entered the room and asked if she could join, a very loud "YES" came through the Ghost Box.

As the evening progressed into our second tour of the night, the feeling in the building took a little bit of a darker turn. The Slave Quarters was the epicenter of activity, and the communication was intense. One lady was told to "hush and leave". Another woman was called a "dick" and told to "eat it", and her husband was called a "faggot".

One group investigating near the residual haunting area said that they spoke with a woman named Caroline through the Ghost Box that told them she had been murdered by her husband. Another lady kept hearing the name "Jude" through the Ghost Box, which happened to be her daughters name. At one point, a charm on her purse fell off- that charm had been secure and had never fell off before last night.

You can never tell what's going to happen any night, or even hour by hour, in the Gribble House...