Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Rundown 2.1.2015

We had a great week in the warehouse. Here's what happened...

On Wednesday night, the group came in with high energy with equated to high activity in the building. Our lead investigators, Antoinette and Kelley put a motion detector over near where the silhouette of the man was seen recently, and it went off several times. The REM pod was also very active near the stage area.

The EMF detectors was were very active in the Slave Quarters. One group put a detector in a chair. Once the detector was blinking out of control, a guest asked if he could have his chair back- immediately the EMF went dark. They heard from two spirits, Mike and Steve, who basically refused to communicate until they walked away. In response to their departure, the ghost box came through with "Hey!".

One couple brought their own recorder to try for some straight EVPs. Another group interacted with a child all evening. In an attempt to communicate with him further, they all got down on one knee and linked hands. They reported they could feel his tiny hand join with theirs...

Friday night was full of activity as well. One couple that was investigating with us tried several communication devices until they settled on the ovilus, which they had great luck with. One piece of equipment they DIDN'T have good luck with was their phone- it promptly died, with a full battery, as soon as he started taking pictures.

A family investigated Friday evening as well, several of whom have investigated with us before. They heard from children all evening long, especially in the Slave Quarters. One woman asked a spirit if it could say her name. About five minutes later, "Hello Kathy" came through very clearly through the Ghost Box.

Finally, Saturday night was FULL of interesting incidents. One group that was investigating in the Slave Quarters got so freaked out, they all rushed out at once! When Kelley and Kait asked them what had happened, they told the girls that they had asked "Why are you here?". The response they got was "For you".

Paul, being his normal snarky self, got a little fresh with one group of ladies investigating. When one of the ladies told the group that she used to work for Hooters, Paul very quickly told them to "Get nude". Not very polite of him, but that's Paul for you. To add insult to injury, he continued to call people foul names throughout the evening, including our lead investigators.

The Slave Quarters continued to be a hot spot that night, even after the group fled out. One group asked the spirits who the "Next victim" was, to which they got the response "Frankie". Frankie just so happened to be one of the guests investigating in the Slave Quarters at that time. Almost instantly, Frankie started to feel light headed and dizzy. Then, the door to the Slave Quarters swung open on its own, right in from of Kait!

Another incredible week of collecting evidence in the Gribble House!