Sunday, February 22, 2015

Investigation Update 2.22.2015

Another great week of investigation in the Gribble House... here's what happened.

This past Sunday night was jam packed full of activity. The investigators heard from a lot of different spirits- Seth, Ian, Paul, Zack, Mike, Jason, Rodney, Luke and Gina all came through. The name Gina was spoken by a male voice through the Ghost Box. Interestingly enough, just a few minutes later, that same male voice said the name of one of the investigators, Craig. When Craig asked how he could know his name, he was told "You said it". A female investigator asked if Gina was the Lady in White, she got the response of "Yes".

One of the investigator said that a spirit named Luke followed him through the building. When they asked Luke in the Slave Quarters who was scratching and hurting people, they got the responses of "Scratched", "Hurt" and "Monster".

Paul was in his usual mood on Sunday night, as well. He told a group of investigators that he sold socks at his store, which used to be located at the Stage Area. One of the girls said that socks would keep them warm, to which Paul responded "Might". Paul didn't seem to like one of the investigators, Victoria. When she asked him if it was because she was a skeptic, he replied "Uh-huh".

Wednesday night, the Warehouse was full of strange noises. From noises coming from the roof, to the sounds of people walking round, even leaves scuffling about, the building was full of mysterious sounds. Even the Ghost Boxes captured some strange breathing coming through. One married couple that was investigating were Anna and Robert. Wherever Anna took the Raggedy Ann doll, the doll would light up and go off. Anna and Robert also heard from a child in the Slave Quarters, who very quietly and softly said "Hello".

At one point, the REM pod went off under the staircase and on the railing. When Kelley told the spirit that was messing with the REM pod, it went still immediately. Kelley also recorded a female spirit saying "Later, spirits want to talk" and another voice responding "Yes".

Apparently no one was permitted to sit down in the Slave Quarters. The investigators heard "Stand", "Don't sit", "Stand up", "Get up" come through the Ghost Box several times, as well as "Help" and "Help me".

There were no skeptics on our Friday night investigation. Two of the ladies who were with the group that night had a spirit that followed them everywhere named Kevin. He was kind and polite to the two ladies, and when they asked him why he stayed in the Warehouse, he said he was suck here, but wanted to "Go to Heaven". Kevin let the ladies know that he didn't know who Paul was. Paul was active again on Friday night. He told a group that he was "tired of talking" with them. Thanks, Paul.

A spirit of a lady came through the Ghost Box at one point and said that "Caroline" was hiding from "Rosa" by the Slave Quarter. One group came in with their own camera and tripod. They asked questions like "Are you dead", and "Dead" came through the Spirit Box. They heard names like Steve, Ian and Erin come through as well. When they were getting ready to leave the Stage Area, they heard "Leave" and "Run" come through the box as well.

Another group that was investigating was trying to use the EMF detector as a way to get yes or no responses. They asked them to make the detector flash to red to indicate a "yes". They asked in turn if they liked everyone who works for the Gribble House, and they got a flash of red for each person... except for Garry.

Saturday night, the group investigating heard from Carrie near the Gribble House area (that's who we believe to be Carrie Ohlander, one of the women killed in the Gribble House murders) and the group could smell her perfume. When one of the investigators said that her perfume smelled nice "Thanks love" came through the Ghost box. That's awesome! Such a good week for evidence collecting!