Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Rundown 2.15.2015

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend to everyone! Not a lot of romance happening in the Gribble House, but we did have a lot of "action".

On Sunday evening this past week, a pair of childhood friends named Katie and Lauren investigated with us. The two girls had a mutual friend that had passed away when they were kids named Lauren. As they investigated, they could hear "Lauren... Lauren..." being said through the Ghost Box, several times in a row all over the Warehouse. The girls told our lead investigator, Kelley, that she had been to psychic in the past and had been told that her deceased friend Lauren was definitely with her.

Another group investigating on Sunday night were using the Ovilus on Dictionary Mode, and they had both the Ovilus and the Spirit Box say "Save her" twice in a row! Very cool. While Kelley was seated in the Slave Quarters with several guests who were investigating, they heard from a spirit named Anthony and his wife, as well as a child spirit named Will. Kelley was using a Ghost Meter at the time, and the little boy spirit, Will, said he didn't want the Dolly because "He's a boy". Very cute and creepy at the same time.

Tuesday night was great as well. The Ghost Box and Ghost Meters were the star of the show that night. A ton of different names came through, like Adam, Helen, Tom, Meredith, and of course, Paul. Paul was his regular charming self and called one of the investigators as "Fat ass". One of the women investigating asked "Why would you say such a thing", to which she got the response of his laughter through the Ghost Box. Paul was fairly cooperative that night, actively communicating through the Ghost Box with several groups of guests. However, when he was asked to do things like touch their hands or move the EMF detectors, Paul's response was "No".

We got some great EVPs that night through the Ghost Boxes. One group investigating asked a spirit if they were nice, to which they got the response "What do you want?". Another group got a more sinister response from their questions. They asked a spirit named Tom who told them that he was the one who "Killed Meredith and the lady by the door"...

The investigation on Friday night went great as well. Orbs, orbs everywhere that night, as well as EMF and Ghost Meter action. And don't forget about the Raggedy Ann doll. Several times during the evening, she lit up from head to toe- not just the hands or feet separately.

One man investigating told a female spirit he was communicating with that if anything or anyone decided to follow him home that evening that he would be very ticked off. The only response he got to that was laughter through the Ghost Box and "Clown".

Another group was using the Spirit Box and ended up conversing with a soldier from the Revolutionary War, who answered questions about the battle through the Ghost Meter (the battle being the Siege of Savannah).

A few children were heard from on Friday night, too. One little box told the investigators that his name was "Leo". When they said goodbye to Leo for the night, the right hand of the Raggedy Ann doll lit up. Over near the Residual Haunting area, they could hear children's giggles through the Spirit Box. When Kelley was leaving the Warehouse for the night, she thought she could see an older man standing inside the gated area of the Gribble House. Needless to say, she left with chills that night...

Last night, Valentine's Day, we had two separate investigations. During the first, the Raggedy Ann doll had some very interesting action. While seated in the Slave Quarters, everyone investigating was focused on the doll, just as the doll moved all on its own. A little child named Wendy was hear from through the Spirit Box in the Slave Quarters, as well, and the REM Pod lit up with small touches.

While the guests were leaving the warehouse from the first tour, a few of them were looking back into the building and swore they saw two women entering the area by the bathroom, but no one was there. During the second investigation, a group of two saw a black shadow figure moving along the Gribble House walls, accompanied by a dramatic drop in temperature, as well as whispers and strange noises...

Yet another great week of investigation at the Gribble House Paranormal Experience!