Friday, February 27, 2015

Q&A- Dani

We have two new eager Lead Investigators at the Gribble House, and we decided to ask them the same questions that we have asked our other investigators... Meet Dani!

1. What made you want to work at the Gribble House?

It was the uniqueness of the Gribble House that got my attention. There aren't many places that offer you the opportunity to actually investigate like the professionals do. I also think everyone is drawn to the paranormal weather you’re a believer or a skeptic; everyone’s look for an experienced and answers.

2. What do you enjoy most about Gribble so far?

I really enjoy working with my co workers! They have many me feel very comfortable and made my work experience wonderful. I've enjoyed my encounter with the spirits too.

3. What do your friends and family think about you working in a documented haunted building?

They’re really supportive. They think this is something that is great for me and want to actually come to The Gribble House and experience it. My husband just ask me not to bring home any guest after work.

4. What is your most memorable experience so far in the building?

Getting direct answers for question, whether it be through the spirit box or straight EVP, will always astonish me. I’ve had conversations with people who aren’t physically here and that is so exciting for me.

5. What experience really made you a believer in the paranormal?

It’s really hard to say one experience made me a believer. I’ve always had the feeling that something is that just beyond reach. I think its a human instinct to believe in things other than ourselves.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Investigation Update 2.22.2015

Another great week of investigation in the Gribble House... here's what happened.

This past Sunday night was jam packed full of activity. The investigators heard from a lot of different spirits- Seth, Ian, Paul, Zack, Mike, Jason, Rodney, Luke and Gina all came through. The name Gina was spoken by a male voice through the Ghost Box. Interestingly enough, just a few minutes later, that same male voice said the name of one of the investigators, Craig. When Craig asked how he could know his name, he was told "You said it". A female investigator asked if Gina was the Lady in White, she got the response of "Yes".

One of the investigator said that a spirit named Luke followed him through the building. When they asked Luke in the Slave Quarters who was scratching and hurting people, they got the responses of "Scratched", "Hurt" and "Monster".

Paul was in his usual mood on Sunday night, as well. He told a group of investigators that he sold socks at his store, which used to be located at the Stage Area. One of the girls said that socks would keep them warm, to which Paul responded "Might". Paul didn't seem to like one of the investigators, Victoria. When she asked him if it was because she was a skeptic, he replied "Uh-huh".

Wednesday night, the Warehouse was full of strange noises. From noises coming from the roof, to the sounds of people walking round, even leaves scuffling about, the building was full of mysterious sounds. Even the Ghost Boxes captured some strange breathing coming through. One married couple that was investigating were Anna and Robert. Wherever Anna took the Raggedy Ann doll, the doll would light up and go off. Anna and Robert also heard from a child in the Slave Quarters, who very quietly and softly said "Hello".

At one point, the REM pod went off under the staircase and on the railing. When Kelley told the spirit that was messing with the REM pod, it went still immediately. Kelley also recorded a female spirit saying "Later, spirits want to talk" and another voice responding "Yes".

Apparently no one was permitted to sit down in the Slave Quarters. The investigators heard "Stand", "Don't sit", "Stand up", "Get up" come through the Ghost Box several times, as well as "Help" and "Help me".

There were no skeptics on our Friday night investigation. Two of the ladies who were with the group that night had a spirit that followed them everywhere named Kevin. He was kind and polite to the two ladies, and when they asked him why he stayed in the Warehouse, he said he was suck here, but wanted to "Go to Heaven". Kevin let the ladies know that he didn't know who Paul was. Paul was active again on Friday night. He told a group that he was "tired of talking" with them. Thanks, Paul.

A spirit of a lady came through the Ghost Box at one point and said that "Caroline" was hiding from "Rosa" by the Slave Quarter. One group came in with their own camera and tripod. They asked questions like "Are you dead", and "Dead" came through the Spirit Box. They heard names like Steve, Ian and Erin come through as well. When they were getting ready to leave the Stage Area, they heard "Leave" and "Run" come through the box as well.

Another group that was investigating was trying to use the EMF detector as a way to get yes or no responses. They asked them to make the detector flash to red to indicate a "yes". They asked in turn if they liked everyone who works for the Gribble House, and they got a flash of red for each person... except for Garry.

Saturday night, the group investigating heard from Carrie near the Gribble House area (that's who we believe to be Carrie Ohlander, one of the women killed in the Gribble House murders) and the group could smell her perfume. When one of the investigators said that her perfume smelled nice "Thanks love" came through the Ghost box. That's awesome! Such a good week for evidence collecting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Garry was in the Gribble House recently, experimenting with a new ghost box called the SCD-1. It's really interesting, and works without all the regular "noises" that a conventional ghost box does.

Just take a listen to this short clip- you'll be able to hear a lot and you may want to play it several times over to catch everything.

You can distinctly hear the responses to Garry's inquiry about Steve, including "Steve's dead", "Haha", and more.

At the end of this segment, there's a very interesting EVP that comes through. We believe it says "Don't worry Dave, he's aware of our existence." What do you think it says?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Rundown 2.15.2015

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend to everyone! Not a lot of romance happening in the Gribble House, but we did have a lot of "action".

On Sunday evening this past week, a pair of childhood friends named Katie and Lauren investigated with us. The two girls had a mutual friend that had passed away when they were kids named Lauren. As they investigated, they could hear "Lauren... Lauren..." being said through the Ghost Box, several times in a row all over the Warehouse. The girls told our lead investigator, Kelley, that she had been to psychic in the past and had been told that her deceased friend Lauren was definitely with her.

Another group investigating on Sunday night were using the Ovilus on Dictionary Mode, and they had both the Ovilus and the Spirit Box say "Save her" twice in a row! Very cool. While Kelley was seated in the Slave Quarters with several guests who were investigating, they heard from a spirit named Anthony and his wife, as well as a child spirit named Will. Kelley was using a Ghost Meter at the time, and the little boy spirit, Will, said he didn't want the Dolly because "He's a boy". Very cute and creepy at the same time.

Tuesday night was great as well. The Ghost Box and Ghost Meters were the star of the show that night. A ton of different names came through, like Adam, Helen, Tom, Meredith, and of course, Paul. Paul was his regular charming self and called one of the investigators as "Fat ass". One of the women investigating asked "Why would you say such a thing", to which she got the response of his laughter through the Ghost Box. Paul was fairly cooperative that night, actively communicating through the Ghost Box with several groups of guests. However, when he was asked to do things like touch their hands or move the EMF detectors, Paul's response was "No".

We got some great EVPs that night through the Ghost Boxes. One group investigating asked a spirit if they were nice, to which they got the response "What do you want?". Another group got a more sinister response from their questions. They asked a spirit named Tom who told them that he was the one who "Killed Meredith and the lady by the door"...

The investigation on Friday night went great as well. Orbs, orbs everywhere that night, as well as EMF and Ghost Meter action. And don't forget about the Raggedy Ann doll. Several times during the evening, she lit up from head to toe- not just the hands or feet separately.

One man investigating told a female spirit he was communicating with that if anything or anyone decided to follow him home that evening that he would be very ticked off. The only response he got to that was laughter through the Ghost Box and "Clown".

Another group was using the Spirit Box and ended up conversing with a soldier from the Revolutionary War, who answered questions about the battle through the Ghost Meter (the battle being the Siege of Savannah).

A few children were heard from on Friday night, too. One little box told the investigators that his name was "Leo". When they said goodbye to Leo for the night, the right hand of the Raggedy Ann doll lit up. Over near the Residual Haunting area, they could hear children's giggles through the Spirit Box. When Kelley was leaving the Warehouse for the night, she thought she could see an older man standing inside the gated area of the Gribble House. Needless to say, she left with chills that night...

Last night, Valentine's Day, we had two separate investigations. During the first, the Raggedy Ann doll had some very interesting action. While seated in the Slave Quarters, everyone investigating was focused on the doll, just as the doll moved all on its own. A little child named Wendy was hear from through the Spirit Box in the Slave Quarters, as well, and the REM Pod lit up with small touches.

While the guests were leaving the warehouse from the first tour, a few of them were looking back into the building and swore they saw two women entering the area by the bathroom, but no one was there. During the second investigation, a group of two saw a black shadow figure moving along the Gribble House walls, accompanied by a dramatic drop in temperature, as well as whispers and strange noises...

Yet another great week of investigation at the Gribble House Paranormal Experience!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goodbye to Willie

Many of you know Willie, and many of you have investigated with him. Willie was one of the founding investigators of The Gribble House Paranormal Experience, and he's helped, guided and led many investigations over the past three years. Always a favorite with guests and ghosts alike, Willie has never ceased to be amazed at what happens inside the warehouse.

We are both happy and sad to announce that Willie will be leaving The Gribble House as he makes his way to his new home in Washington D.C. We hate to see you go, but we love where this road is taking you. The best of luck to you, Willie! Hope you packed your snow boots...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

20k Thank You's for 20k Hits

20k hits on the Gribble House blog! 

 Thank you so much for supporting both the Facebook and Gribble House blog. We love posting the experiences that happen in the warehouse, and we love hearing your stories as well. Here's to another 20k and many more stories to come!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Rundown 2.8.2015

Wow! We had a fantastic weekend in the warehouse. Despite being a cold weekend in February, and generally a slow month, we still had 35 eager investigators! Here's what happened...

On Friday Night, we had a family whose last name just happened to be Gribble. They came in fully prepared with their own cameras and open minds. With their cameras, they managed to capture several photos of strange lights and orbs- they even snapped a picture of a face in the mirror inside the Slave Quarters! Amazing.

One gentleman in the Gribble family was using the Ghost Meter and he asked the spirits he was communicating with if they wanted to "hurt him". The Ghost Meter responded "yes" and immediately his back began to hurt. That same fellow was seated in the Gribble House area and felt something brush against his leg. He got amazing responses through the Ghost Meter all night. At one point, using only Yes/No questions, he was told that the spirit wasn't "nice" and that he wanted him to "leave".

They heard from a large number of spirits that evening, include Dave, John, and a woman named Wendy. Although, it's hard to tell if everyone was telling the truth about their identity, since a woman who was investigating just so happened to be named Wendy as well.

The investigators also heard from someone named Robert, who insisted on being called Robbie through the Ghost Box. Dave was heard from all over the building, including the Slave Quarters. At one point, Dave stopped communicating, so two of the investigators asked him where he went, "we miss you". Dave obliged and came back to continue to converse.

Out at the Stage Area, two young girls tried to communicate with the children who are in the building by saying "It's okay. If you're a kid, come talk to us, we're kids too". Their response? Children giggling through the Ghost Box.

During the second tour of Friday night, the entire building was very active for the Ghost Box, the EMF and Ghost Meter. Even the Raggedy Ann Doll was super active, for lady in particular. Her named was Judy, and activity seemed to follow her wherever she went! At one point, Judy went off by herself, and our lead investigator Kelley swore she was someone going into the Slave Quarters, but it wasn't Judy or anyone else that was investigating. Strangely enough, earlier when Kelley was setting up, she felt as if she had run directly into someone at that same spot at the entrance of the Slave Quarters.

Saturday Night was just as eventful. All of the people investigating heard from the same names in different areas of the warehouse. Steve, Seth, Adam, Ian, Noah, David, and of course, Paul. Paul seemed to have a particular interest in one girl investigating named Lyndsi. Lyndsi and Paul communicated the whole evening, with a few very interesting moments. At one point, Lyndsi asked Paul how he felt about African Americans, to which he replied bluntly, "hate 'em". When she told Paul that she was a sailor, he called her a "liar". Paul can be pretty insensitive at times. The entire night, Lyndsi felt physically stiff.

Paul proceeded to call another male investigator a "thief", and told everyone in the group that he was not a murderer. At another point, Paul, being his normal self, was flirting with the ladies on the Stage, until Kait (our lead investigator) walked over. Her arrival only triggered an "EW" from Paul.

Lyndsi continued to be a popular lady,even in the Slave Quarters. When she entered the room and asked if she could join, a very loud "YES" came through the Ghost Box.

As the evening progressed into our second tour of the night, the feeling in the building took a little bit of a darker turn. The Slave Quarters was the epicenter of activity, and the communication was intense. One lady was told to "hush and leave". Another woman was called a "dick" and told to "eat it", and her husband was called a "faggot".

One group investigating near the residual haunting area said that they spoke with a woman named Caroline through the Ghost Box that told them she had been murdered by her husband. Another lady kept hearing the name "Jude" through the Ghost Box, which happened to be her daughters name. At one point, a charm on her purse fell off- that charm had been secure and had never fell off before last night.

You can never tell what's going to happen any night, or even hour by hour, in the Gribble House...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Rundown 2.1.2015

We had a great week in the warehouse. Here's what happened...

On Wednesday night, the group came in with high energy with equated to high activity in the building. Our lead investigators, Antoinette and Kelley put a motion detector over near where the silhouette of the man was seen recently, and it went off several times. The REM pod was also very active near the stage area.

The EMF detectors was were very active in the Slave Quarters. One group put a detector in a chair. Once the detector was blinking out of control, a guest asked if he could have his chair back- immediately the EMF went dark. They heard from two spirits, Mike and Steve, who basically refused to communicate until they walked away. In response to their departure, the ghost box came through with "Hey!".

One couple brought their own recorder to try for some straight EVPs. Another group interacted with a child all evening. In an attempt to communicate with him further, they all got down on one knee and linked hands. They reported they could feel his tiny hand join with theirs...

Friday night was full of activity as well. One couple that was investigating with us tried several communication devices until they settled on the ovilus, which they had great luck with. One piece of equipment they DIDN'T have good luck with was their phone- it promptly died, with a full battery, as soon as he started taking pictures.

A family investigated Friday evening as well, several of whom have investigated with us before. They heard from children all evening long, especially in the Slave Quarters. One woman asked a spirit if it could say her name. About five minutes later, "Hello Kathy" came through very clearly through the Ghost Box.

Finally, Saturday night was FULL of interesting incidents. One group that was investigating in the Slave Quarters got so freaked out, they all rushed out at once! When Kelley and Kait asked them what had happened, they told the girls that they had asked "Why are you here?". The response they got was "For you".

Paul, being his normal snarky self, got a little fresh with one group of ladies investigating. When one of the ladies told the group that she used to work for Hooters, Paul very quickly told them to "Get nude". Not very polite of him, but that's Paul for you. To add insult to injury, he continued to call people foul names throughout the evening, including our lead investigators.

The Slave Quarters continued to be a hot spot that night, even after the group fled out. One group asked the spirits who the "Next victim" was, to which they got the response "Frankie". Frankie just so happened to be one of the guests investigating in the Slave Quarters at that time. Almost instantly, Frankie started to feel light headed and dizzy. Then, the door to the Slave Quarters swung open on its own, right in from of Kait!

Another incredible week of collecting evidence in the Gribble House!