Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly Rundown 1.25.2015

During the past week, we've seen a lot of activity in the Gribble House. Here's what happened...

This past Sunday night, the group investigating had a group of 4 teenage girls in it, and their high energy equaled a high amount of activity. Those ladies had responses follow them throughout the entire building. The girls moved to the Stage area and the activity continued. They began to communicate with a little girl named Isabelle, who told them she was three years old. Both the Raggedy Ann doll and the REM pod were very active on the Stage as they spoke through the Ghost Box with Isabelle.

Another group investigating, two women, had a great deal of luck with the Ovulis. One of the women said that she was a teacher, and the Ovulis immediately came up with "Teacher". Very cool!

On Thursday night, we had another great investigation, that came with a few surprises. The groups that investigated had some previous experience and we're quite ready and raring to go. One young couple that was investigating were in the Slave Quarters were using the Ghost Box. The couple started speaking in an Eastern language and got responses. That was amazing and very surprising!

Another man who was using the Ghost Box was called by his name, and then was called an "Ass". Yet again, another example of how the spirits in the Gribble House aren't always the most welcoming.

Last evening we had what seemed to be a lot of interesting responses through the Ghost Box. As usual, Paul was heard around the stage, as well as a woman named Annette. A few children were heard around the building last night as well, a little girl named Anna and another named Amy. The little girl Amy told everyone that she was "Five years old", and she was heard around the Stage area. In the Slave Quarters, that's where we heard from Anna.

While they were speaking with Anna in the Slave Quarters another, older male voice was heard through the Ghost Box. This man, however, was in no mood to communicate. He told them to "Leave" and that he didn't want to talk. Another male voice that came through was from John, who told us he had been murdered, by someone named Chip. When the girls investigating asked them how they had come to the Gribble House, the response they got was "The wind". Another spirit that was coming through the Box asked the investigators to open the back door of the Gribble House building so that he could leave. The Ghost Box was definitely the star of the show last night.

Every night is different in the building, and we love sharing with you all what's happening. Stay tuned for more updates on the Gribble House Paranormal Experience...