Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Rundown 1.18.2015

Happy Sunday to everyone! We'd like to update you on what happened during our investigations this week in the Gribble House.

On Tuesday Night, the Raggedy Ann doll proved to be pretty popular. A group of three guys was investigating using the doll, and we're communicating with a little girl through the Yes/ No device. At one point, one of the guys asked if she would pull on the Raggedy Ann, and she obliged him.

The group investigating Tuesday also got to hear from spirit who called himself Mitch, and recorded a few pretty good readings from him.

Friday evening, Kait and Antoinette were our lead investigators, and both of the two girls heard their named come through the Ghost Box a few times. A few pretty interesting things happened. One group was investigating in the area of the old Gribble House (the caged area), and got a pretty strong and angry reaction. They were using the Ghost Box, and were getting some negative responses to being British. The same group kept hearing from one spirit over and over who referred to itself as "The Beib". Kait thought maybe this particular spirit was a big fan of Justin Beiber, but we're not really sure what the spirit was trying to convey with its nickname.

Last evening, Saturday, was a pretty activity packed night. There was such an impressive amount of energy, that everyone investigating stayed to talk about what had taken place in the building. Every area of the warehouse was a hotspot, with orbs in quite a few of the photos taken by the investigators- some even had faces in them.

In the Slave Quarters, the names William, Rob, Robbie and Phillip kept coming through, as well as one deep and gruff voice that would never reveal his name. At one point, one of the chairs in the room moved across the floor as if "someone had bumped into it". At one point, one of the men investigating asked a spirit what his favorite food was. Quite promptly he got the response, "Soup".

The Stage Area was very active as well. Paul was heard from, as usual, and he was his same old snarky and biting self. Just as in the Slave Quarters, the investigators heard from William by the Stage, as well.

Towards the end of the night, Kelley and Kelsey, the lead investigators for the evening, were using the ghost box with a few other guests while sitting on the stage. One of the girls investigating, who also happened to be named Kelsey, asked "How many spirits are hear". She got an extremely clear response of "There's 40".

Then something kind of strange happened. Both Kelsey's then were thinking about asking the spirits what color Kelley's hair is. Before either of them could actually vocalize that question, through the Ghost Box they heard "Red head". Both of them were pretty surprised and taken back by that. (Take a look back through some of our previous postings, and you'll see that Kelly DEFINITELY has red hair).

At the end of the night when all the investigators were recapping what happened that evening, one of the gentlemen said he had seen something strange at the beginning of the night. When they were walking through the building to scope out the hot spots, he was looking towards the garage door by the big black curtain. He then saw a solid black figure walk in front of the low right green light. The figure was solid enough to black it out. He said he even continued to watch to make sure it wasn't a flashing light, but those lights don't flash. Kelley put a motion sensor over by where he had seen the figure, and about 15 minutes later, it went off.

 It was a great week of investigations in the building. If you've recently investigated with the Gribble House Paranormal Experience (or even not so recently), we'd love to hear from you, and see any pictures you might have taken!