Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Investigation Update 01.06.2015

We don't always get the friendliest spirits in the Gribble House. On Saturday night, a group of our investigators got to experience first hand one of those unfriendly encounters.

One group was over by the stage and was using a ghost box to illicit responses from spirits in the building, just like any other night. As they were asking random questions a rather unpleasant voice came through. The investigators conversed with this voice and he bragged about how he had killed over twenty people. The voice even went so far as to ominously claim he had killed "a kid", as well. Just after this announcement from the ghost box, the temperature dropped significantly.

Because the group was using an infrared thermometer, they were able to determine where the temperature was dropping, and follow it as it went through the building. As the dropping temperature moved away, the investigators asked if the spirit wished for them to follow along, to which they received a firm "yes".

They followed the spirit across the building diagonally over to the caged area where the warehouse floor dips down slightly. Not knowing that the ground was uneven there, one of the guests tripped and almost fell down. That guest then asked if the spirit was trying to kill them, which only garnished a response of maniacal laughter through the ghost box.

We can't control who or what comes through the ghost boxes, or who resides inside the Gribble House. The only thing we can suggest is that if you never taunt or mock the spirits you encounter. You may not like the results.