Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Weekly Rundown 1.11.2015

We love to keep you guys up to date on what's going on in the Gribble House, and this past week we had a great time investigating. Here's what happened...

Tuesday night was an interesting evening. It seems like sometimes the spirits are just as excited to interact with us as we are with them! At one point by the stage area, after a great deal of ghost meter activity, the group heard "amazing" and "impressive" come from the ghost box. It sounds like the spirit was excited about the results they were getting!

Two guests, Sierra and Chris, told the spirits that they were leaving, to which they got the response of "wonderful." Kelley then asked if any of the spirits would like to come home with her, which elicited a firm "I will" from the ghost box. We sometimes take our investigations home with us, whether we like to or not.

On Friday Night, we had a great group of guests investigating with us- two of whom were avid ghost hunters. In fact, this couple, the Bashams, has come back to the Gribble House each year for the past three years to investigate for her birthday. Shout out to the Bashams!! This couple brought their own equipment to investigate with, including a MEL meter and hand held recorder (which is what you can see in the picture). The Bashams agreed to let us know if they captured any cool evidence once they've analyzed everything they collected that night. We love that!

Another group that was investigating that night were Nick and Brandon. These two guys had an amazing moment in the building. While using the ghost box, Brandon asked if the spirit would rather "Speak to Nick or Brandon?". The spirit immediately replied "Nick". Well, the two guys looked at each other shocked, just as the spirit insisted "Nick" one more time. It doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday night was just as awesome. Everyone who investigated came in with an open mind, and that's the best way to start out the night. The EMF detector and Raggedy Ann were the stars of the night. At one point in the Slave Quarters, a guest asked the spirit they were talking with to sit down in the chair with the EMF detector and it went up to red immediately and continued to flash yellow! That's a perfect response.

A little bit later on, a women was standing by the stage and asked a child to please "touch the doll". Almost immediately the hand lit up. She asked again if the child would touch both hands. Again, almost like on command, both hands lit up!

All in all, it was a great week of investigation for the Gribble House Paranormal Experience, and we look forward for more to come!