Thursday, January 15, 2015

Investigation Update

We investigate in the Gribble House 360 night a year, and no two days are the same. Case in point- just the other evening, Monday night, Kelsey (one of our lead investigators) entered the building feeling pretty good. By the end of the night, she was drained, as if someone had drugged her. Everything was normal until she entered the Slave Quarters for the first time that evening, and since that moment, she felt dizzy and out of sorts- even so far as having memory lapses. The Slave Quarters definitely proved to be a hot spot on Monday night.

One of the women investigating that evening felt as if a small child had wrapped themselves around her legs while she was sitting in a chair in the Slave Quarters. Kelsey asked if one of the spirits could move something in the room, and just a few moments late a chair right next to the woman moved, scraping across the floor. Just a few minutes later, the woman's shirt was tugged on- hard.

All through the evening there was very heavy, disembodied breathing coming from by the window in the Slave Quarters, and every so often by the door as well.

We get spirits that come back time and time again, and other times we only hear from them occasionally. At one point in the evening, a heavy smell of rotten meat came over the Slave Quarters. When Kelsey asked who was making the room stink, the name that came through the Ghost Box was "Rob", and another voice said, "Robbie". Kelsey has only ever smelled that stench once before, and the same name was accused of that rotten odor that time as well.

The REM pod was positioned in the middle of the room for most of the evening. At one point, they could hear scuffling feet cross the room, while the REM pod simultaneously went off. Around the same time, a light mist-like anomaly shot from the female investigators legs, and darted over towards the curtain. A short time later, her boyfriend (who entered the building a skeptic) saw a dark figure move very fast in front of him, just in the middle of the room.

To top it all off, everyone investigating kept getting hit with icy blasts of air, with the room temperature dropping a whole seven degrees at one point. Kelsey has investigated with us for quite a while now, and even she claimed that this particular evening was one of the craziest nights of activity she's seen in a while. You never quite know what's going to happen in the Gribble House...