Sunday, January 4, 2015

Investigation Update 01.04.2015

Friday Night at the Gribble House was GREAT! We had two sold out tours, with all the good stuff happening. In fact, on the first tour, the activity was so high that investigators didn't want to leave. Here are some of the high points...

We sometimes find that spirits like to target, or follow around one particular group. That happened on Friday night for one of our groups. A spirit who called himself "Jerome" kept coming through the ghost box for one particular set of investigators.

One of the woman in the group said he sounded African American, and that it was always the same voices coming through. Another group was using the ghost box and got a full name to come through. "Margaret Fox" was her name. We may be able to do some research and see if anyone named Margaret Fox lived in Savannah, or nearby the site of the Gribble House at some point in the past.

Two sensitives were in attendance on Friday Night as well; a woman and her daughter. They heard from a child through the ghost box- a little girl who claimed to be an orphan. The most peculiar thing about the conversation with the little girl was that she was apparently "afraid" of a dominating force in the building.

One investigator asked "How many people are in this building", and clear as day a voice responded "17". We just so happened to have seventeen investigators that night...

And after all of that, another female investigator had her ankle grabbed, fairly strongly, and another woman was touched on the hand. The spirits really wanted us to know they were among us this past Friday night.