Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Investigation Update 12.29.2014

Last night at the Gribble House was amazing. So much happened for our two couples that it's hard to pick what might be the most interesting!

Resident spirits Paul and Richard were in attendance last night, coming through the ghost box loud and clear... That is until a little girl came through in the Slave Quarters. She told them her name was Thelma and that she was 'six years old'. Tragically, we do get children that come through the ghost box too frequently for comfort.

The ghost box was by far the equipment of choice last night. Jenny, an investigator last night, kept hearing her name come through, as well as 'leave' and 'get out'! Our investigations aren't always welcome.

On and off all night, our lead investigator Kelley heard screams come through, as well as old time telephone ringing. Very unnerving...