Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Investigation Update 12.29.2014

Last night at the Gribble House was amazing. So much happened for our two couples that it's hard to pick what might be the most interesting!

Resident spirits Paul and Richard were in attendance last night, coming through the ghost box loud and clear... That is until a little girl came through in the Slave Quarters. She told them her name was Thelma and that she was 'six years old'. Tragically, we do get children that come through the ghost box too frequently for comfort.

The ghost box was by far the equipment of choice last night. Jenny, an investigator last night, kept hearing her name come through, as well as 'leave' and 'get out'! Our investigations aren't always welcome.

On and off all night, our lead investigator Kelley heard screams come through, as well as old time telephone ringing. Very unnerving...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Weekly Rundown- 12.28.2014

This week in the Gribble House, two areas were super hot spots- the Slave Quarters and the Stage. On Monday, a child's voice came through the ghost box and told the group investigating to "leave" the Slave Quarters. On Tuesday, everyone investigating could smell something burning in the Slave Quarters as well.

At the Stage on Wednesday, we had some great EMF activity.

Last night, the ghost boxes were dominated by a gruff male voice, and the Raggedy Anne doll lit up like crazy by the stage.

Another great week of investigation at the Gribble House!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Investigation Update 12.27.14

Last evening, our 8 o'clock tour had some amazing activity around the stage. Both the REM pod and the Raggedy Ann doll were active. One of the more interesting events of the evening revolved around a guest who uses canes to get around more easily. The ghost boxes kept saying "help" and "hurt" around her.

Paul, one of our more familiar spirits, was eager and ready to talk to anyone at the stage last evening. That is, except for Kelley the lead investigator for the night. He's not a big fan of hers, according to Kelley!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Q&A- Garry

We’d like to start something new here, and introduce everyone to our great crew. We’ve gone ahead and done a little Q&A with our group so you can get to know us better! Let’s start off the leader of the pack, Garry.

1. What brought you to the Gribble House? 
When the building was vacated by Old Town Trolley in 2011, I wanted to investigate the stories of apparitions and strange occurrences in the building. What I found in those initial months of investigations convinced me to go ahead and open this place up to the public. Everyone deserves a chance to investigate. It's not just for the TV shows. 
2. What do you enjoy most about Gribble?
I enjoy the time before we start the investigation. I consider getting to know the guests to be a highlight for me. I love hearing their personal stories and encounters with the paranormal. Taking an interest in our guests is very important. 
3. What do your friends and family think about you working in a documented haunted building?
To be honest, I don't overly promote the fact that I have a haunted tour. My close friends have joined me in the building on occasion and have experienced many things. My family is on the fence I think. 
4. What is your most memorable guest experience?
I remember a guest joining me who had returned from Iraq and he was sitting with me talking about how his friend had been killed on patrol. All of a sudden his friends name came through the ghost box and all our K2 meters and REM pods went berserk. It was incredible. Our poor guest was reduced to tears but I believe it was an amazing validation that some spirits are brought in to the investigation by the guests. 
5. Has any experience you've had in the building left you feeling uneasy?
I have had many that have affected me. I have been threatened with death and I have had spirits confront me with open hate. Some have followed me home and have made their presence known throughout my house by playing with electrical objects. It's quite annoying. When a spirit tells you "I will kill you" through the ghost box, it can make you feel quite uncomfortable.
6. Anything you'd like to add?
You won't often find me working Gribble these days, but when I do, please let me know what I can do to make your experience rewarding and memorable. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Weekly Rundown- 12.21.14

These are two guests from our 8 p.m. tour last night, a Grandmother-Grandson duo. They got some good activity, especially on the EMF detectors.

Over the past week, we've had some strong responses in the building. On Monday, a sensitive and her husband had to leave early when she became overwhelmed by the activity in the building. The Slave Quarters was very active this week with one group of guests being told very forcefully to "LEAVE" on Tuesday night. On Thursday, we had an amazing private investigation with Nate, our cameraman, who filmed lots of REM pod activity by the date. Last night, Kelsey and the Grandmother-Grandson duo had good luck with asking the spirits to illuminate the flashlights by the stage. All in all, a great week for the Gribble House.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Heading into the Future

Big things are happening, and they are happening fast. That seems to be the way it always goes, doesn't it?
This past day and evening, The Gribble House started a new adventure. We don't have many details to share for now... but here's a sneak preview of what's to come.

This is Nate, our cameraman, with Judi, Tracy, and Kelley, doing some initial filming for our reality show. Yes, you read that right. A reality show is in the works.

It was a great night for our first shot at taping- the activity in the building was out of control. Lots of communication on the ghost boxes, the REM pod was buzzing away, and best of all, we converted a skeptic. What more can you ask for? Great activity, a great crew, and a great opportunity.