Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FAQ :: Private Investigations

Do you guys do personal home investigations?

Occasionally, we do get to go out and explore and investigate someone's house.

I am always interested in hearing people's personal stories about hauntings and seeing spirits, so it's even better when we get to investigate those claims. 

Whenever we get a call, the first thing we do is get any and all information on the hauntings and a little background of the people living in the home. 

Then, we try to dig up any information about the land the house is sitting on, to see if that may be a source. 

We then schedule a day to go out and interview the home owner in person and go get baseline readings of the house. This helps us with then deciding what our gameplan should be and what equipment we should bring. 

After a date has been set to come out and investigate, we gear up and spend the night seeing what we get. 

Doing private investigations is always very interesting to me and makes me realize how different spirits can be in form of communication. Other places we go, we may get very little action on the ghost box, but more communication with the EMF detector or pick up things on a video camera, instead. 

It just goes to show you how the energy level of spirits are different and how ours might be more used to "talking" than others.