Monday, August 12, 2013

FAQ :: The Lady in White

One of the first stories I'd ever heard about the hauntings in the Gribble House warehouse was the Lady in White.

She is what we call a "residual haunting," meaning she is like a video tape that just plays over and over. She won't communicate with you, but she will make the area around you cooler and take your equipment's energy in order to show herself. 

We have captured her in photographs (like the one above), as well as felt her, heard her footsteps, and seen her. She is most commonly felt, however, over in the north-east corner of the warehouse. 

So who is the Lady in White?

We asked the spirits one day if they knew, and we received the name "Carolyn," back. On a few occasions, we have heard that response to the question. However, because she is a residual haunting and not an intelligent haunting, we may never know much about her. 

Why does she haunt the building?

As she is residual, we fully believe she is attached to the land, and not to the building specifically. South-east of the warehouse used to be a common cooking area, and we believe she appears when she is traveling the route to that area. A route, in life, she would have taken numerous times. 

How will I know if she's near?

You'll definitely feel her. She makes the area significantly cooler when she is passing through. Also, your equipment will most likely malfunction for no specific reason. One moment you're at full battery, the next, your equipment has shut off. If you move to the other side of the warehouse, all starts to work again. It's very strange. Finally, you may see or hear her. I was with a group one night, and we were standing in the middle of the warehouse asking questions when we distinctly heard footsteps coming from that area of the warehouse, where no one was. We all got serious goosebumps.

As far as I know, she is the only residual haunting in the warehouse, but her presence definitely contributes to the building.

Lady in White -- Full Image.  Look to the right.