Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FAQ :: Private Investigations

Do you guys do personal home investigations?

Occasionally, we do get to go out and explore and investigate someone's house.

I am always interested in hearing people's personal stories about hauntings and seeing spirits, so it's even better when we get to investigate those claims. 

Whenever we get a call, the first thing we do is get any and all information on the hauntings and a little background of the people living in the home. 

Then, we try to dig up any information about the land the house is sitting on, to see if that may be a source. 

We then schedule a day to go out and interview the home owner in person and go get baseline readings of the house. This helps us with then deciding what our gameplan should be and what equipment we should bring. 

After a date has been set to come out and investigate, we gear up and spend the night seeing what we get. 

Doing private investigations is always very interesting to me and makes me realize how different spirits can be in form of communication. Other places we go, we may get very little action on the ghost box, but more communication with the EMF detector or pick up things on a video camera, instead. 

It just goes to show you how the energy level of spirits are different and how ours might be more used to "talking" than others.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FAQ :: Energy Levels

As the person who handles all the calls that come into the Gribble House, I can tell you some funny stories of people and questions that have been asked. My favorite, however, is when people ask me if they will "see a ghost," as if Casper walks right out in front of us each night.

If you didn't already know, which I'm sure you do, but, it doesn't work like that. 

Everything in the spirit world takes energy. 

This is my general understanding and break down of spirits energy when it comes to manifesting, starting from the basic::

-Spirit box communication/EVPs
-EMF/REM pod communication
-Drastic Temperature changes/being touched
-Audible EVPs/noises

Monday, August 19, 2013

FAQ :: Orb Colors

It's pretty common to walk away from the Gribble House with a memory card full of photos, most of which will have orbs inside.

You'll go home, load them onto your computer, and realize some have faces inside, while others are balls of colors. 

Different colors. Some are red and some are green. Some are white and some are blue. 

Why are the different colors?

Well, the colors are thought to reflect the different personalities of the sprits. 

But what could they mean?

Well, here's a pretty comprehensive chart for you that tells what the colors mean in terms of the spirit's personality.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FAQ :: Savannah

So many people are always curious as to why Savannah is such a haunted city.

I have heard so many different theories and hypotheses on this matter, and I am by means not an expert, but I am an observer and here is my general conclusion. 

Savannah, first off, is a city built on its dead. If you've read any book about the early wars and battles that were fought in the city, you would hear about how mass graves were dug and soldiers' bodies were tossed in, some even still alive when they were put in and just left to die, most likely in serious pain from their critical injuries. 

Also, the yellow fever epidemic in the 1800s left many taken very quickly and violently, with mass graves built and burnt to take care of the bodies. 

The energy of these people is still in the air, the buildings, and the ground. It's no wonder Savannah is just booming with ghosts. 

Now, there's another factor to take into consideration -- slaves. People taken (usually) against their wills and sold like cattle, many separated from their families and forced to work long hours in the hot, Southern sun for no wages and little food. Not to mention the physical abuse many endured. 

Now, these people, came with their own cultures and traditions, a lot of which had to do with some form of voodoo. 

If you've ever read about Gullah traditions, you've probably heard a lot about their beliefs of the spiritual world and how many believed in hexes and curses to punish wrongdoers in their lives. 

Voodoo and witchcraft are two things to never take lightly, and I believe there are still lingering effects of these in Savannah and in the places slaves used to reside or work. 

So, why is Savannah such a haunted city? I would look at its haunting past. For a city as beautiful as this one is, she definitely holds a few dark secrets.

Monday, August 12, 2013

FAQ :: The Lady in White

One of the first stories I'd ever heard about the hauntings in the Gribble House warehouse was the Lady in White.

She is what we call a "residual haunting," meaning she is like a video tape that just plays over and over. She won't communicate with you, but she will make the area around you cooler and take your equipment's energy in order to show herself. 

We have captured her in photographs (like the one above), as well as felt her, heard her footsteps, and seen her. She is most commonly felt, however, over in the north-east corner of the warehouse. 

So who is the Lady in White?

We asked the spirits one day if they knew, and we received the name "Carolyn," back. On a few occasions, we have heard that response to the question. However, because she is a residual haunting and not an intelligent haunting, we may never know much about her. 

Why does she haunt the building?

As she is residual, we fully believe she is attached to the land, and not to the building specifically. South-east of the warehouse used to be a common cooking area, and we believe she appears when she is traveling the route to that area. A route, in life, she would have taken numerous times. 

How will I know if she's near?

You'll definitely feel her. She makes the area significantly cooler when she is passing through. Also, your equipment will most likely malfunction for no specific reason. One moment you're at full battery, the next, your equipment has shut off. If you move to the other side of the warehouse, all starts to work again. It's very strange. Finally, you may see or hear her. I was with a group one night, and we were standing in the middle of the warehouse asking questions when we distinctly heard footsteps coming from that area of the warehouse, where no one was. We all got serious goosebumps.

As far as I know, she is the only residual haunting in the warehouse, but her presence definitely contributes to the building.

Lady in White -- Full Image.  Look to the right.