Friday, July 26, 2013

FAQ :: The Murders

The initial reason why we believe the building is haunted stems from the murders that occurred on the property in 1909.

On December 10th, 1909, Ms. Eliza Gribble and Ms. Carrie Ohlander were murdered on the property, with a third woman, Ms. Maggie Hunter, left for dead.  All three women had been hit in the head with a blunt object.  No one saw or heard anything unusual coming from the house; therefor, the police were left clueless and the City of Savannah left in fear.

Maggie Hunter was rushed to the hospital, but had already lost a lot of blood and had traumatic head wounds, which, in 1909, left little they could do for her.  She eventually passed away.

However, before she passed, she supposedly told a Baptist Minister by the name of John Wilder that her estranged husband, Mr. JC Hunter, had attacked her and killed the other women.  Based on his testimony and some very circumstantial evidence, Mr. Hunter was convicted and sentenced to be hanged.

About a year later, the reverend and Mr. Hunter have become friends, and he has converted Mr. Hunter over to Christianity and is set to baptize him in his cell before he is set to be hanged.

Before the baptisms can occur, however, Reverend Wilder tells Mr. Hunter that he needs to confess to his sins and say that he was the one who committed the crime, which up until this point he has kept his innocence.  He still please his innocence, and, apparently, the reverend is so moved, he gets clemency for Mr. Hunter and his sentence is reduced from hanging to life in prison.

That very bit is why we believe the souls of the attacked and murdered still linger in the building.  If their killer was Mr. Hunter, then he got off pretty easy, and if it wasn't, the real killer was never found.

A few years after the murders occurred, a man gave a full confession of them, admitting details he would be the only one to know, but his confession was brushed off as insanity, since they were already "solved."

There was also a serial killer that was riding the railways at the time and attacking people, stealing from them, then catching the next train out of town.

We have, however, been in contact with Maggie and Eliza, both who have said things like, "In the head," when asked how they were killed and, "My husband," when asked who was the attacker.  Also, we do know there is a strong level of dominance in the Gribble House area where the house used to stand, with a gruff, male voice coming over and silencing the women whenever they try to speak.

It leaves a lot of mystery to be thought about and solved -- which is why we are here -- to see what we can uncover.