Friday, July 26, 2013

FAQ :: The Murders

The initial reason why we believe the building is haunted stems from the murders that occurred on the property in 1909.

On December 10th, 1909, Ms. Eliza Gribble and Ms. Carrie Ohlander were murdered on the property, with a third woman, Ms. Maggie Hunter, left for dead.  All three women had been hit in the head with a blunt object.  No one saw or heard anything unusual coming from the house; therefor, the police were left clueless and the City of Savannah left in fear.

Maggie Hunter was rushed to the hospital, but had already lost a lot of blood and had traumatic head wounds, which, in 1909, left little they could do for her.  She eventually passed away.

However, before she passed, she supposedly told a Baptist Minister by the name of John Wilder that her estranged husband, Mr. JC Hunter, had attacked her and killed the other women.  Based on his testimony and some very circumstantial evidence, Mr. Hunter was convicted and sentenced to be hanged.

About a year later, the reverend and Mr. Hunter have become friends, and he has converted Mr. Hunter over to Christianity and is set to baptize him in his cell before he is set to be hanged.

Before the baptisms can occur, however, Reverend Wilder tells Mr. Hunter that he needs to confess to his sins and say that he was the one who committed the crime, which up until this point he has kept his innocence.  He still please his innocence, and, apparently, the reverend is so moved, he gets clemency for Mr. Hunter and his sentence is reduced from hanging to life in prison.

That very bit is why we believe the souls of the attacked and murdered still linger in the building.  If their killer was Mr. Hunter, then he got off pretty easy, and if it wasn't, the real killer was never found.

A few years after the murders occurred, a man gave a full confession of them, admitting details he would be the only one to know, but his confession was brushed off as insanity, since they were already "solved."

There was also a serial killer that was riding the railways at the time and attacking people, stealing from them, then catching the next train out of town.

We have, however, been in contact with Maggie and Eliza, both who have said things like, "In the head," when asked how they were killed and, "My husband," when asked who was the attacker.  Also, we do know there is a strong level of dominance in the Gribble House area where the house used to stand, with a gruff, male voice coming over and silencing the women whenever they try to speak.

It leaves a lot of mystery to be thought about and solved -- which is why we are here -- to see what we can uncover.

Monday, July 15, 2013

FAQ :: Why Are the Spirits Here?

Why are the spirits here?  Why do they gravitate towards the building?

This has been a question we've asked ourselves since we've been in the building and why we choose to investigate.

When we first started, we asked a medium to come into the building.  She told us that there was anywhere between 20-30 spirits in the building at any time.  Since, we've had a handful of mediums in the building as guests who have backed up her claim.  It's almost as if the building is a Greyhound Bus Station for spirits, coming and going, some lingering for longer than others.

But why are they here?

Honestly, I think it has to do with Savannah's history and the location of the building itself.

Across the street from us we have the Savannah Visitor's Center which used to be the Central of Georgia Railroad, which was the end of the line for them -- you couldn't go any farther east or south from that point.

Kiddy-corner to us there is Battlefield Park, home of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolution.

Plus, you have Savannah's rich history.  We didn't get known as one of America's Most Haunted cities for no reason.

Also, I think it has to do with us and our guests coming in each night, using the equipment, and showing a genuine interest in the spirits themselves.  It's like they know we want to communicate with us, so that's why they come to talk to us.

Whichever reason it is, we're glad they're here and that they like to talk to us because we enjoy them!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FAQ :: The Ghost Box

A lot of people have different questions about the ghost box and how it works, so I will try my best to explain some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

The ghost box, or spirit box, is a device that scans hundreds of radio frequencies very quickly.  It is believed that the white noise from the frequencies can be manipulated by the spirits in order for them to break through and communicate.  The can use the white noise to form words and sounds.

Now, I have met a lot of people who try to explain the ghost box, and I say let them try to dispute it, but I have heard way too many intelligent responses and answers from it to my questions that make me just marvel at what I hear.  Yes, I can understand how you can think a simple "Yes" or "No" that comes through could be a clip of a station, but to get sentence long responses to your questions or to have one answer after another come out and be of perfect relevance is pretty darn amazing.

The most people ask about the ghost box is whether outside noise or frequencies that could alter it.  As in, cell phones or other radio frequencies.  We encourage people to record their sessions with their cell phones if they wish, that way they can take their whole sessions home with them.  The phones sit right by our recorders, which is placed about 6 inches from the ghost box, and I've never noticed a difference in activity between having a phone there and not.  It doesn't make it any more chatty or any less.

CB radios is another question we've had.  From my understanding of them, CB radios work on a limited amount of very low frequencies, frequencies I don't believe our ghost boxes even scan (they scan from 76 MHz to 108 MHz and about 320 frequencies between that), hence why you need a special type of radio to communicate on CB than you do a regular radio.

As for other interference, I'll remind you guys that we're in a 15,000 square foot warehouse.  There's no central AC.  There's one electrical box for the whole place which is located in an area we don't investigate in.  There's overhead lighting, but that's at about 20 feet above us. And, I can think of three electrical outlets in the whole warehouse.  In other words, there's not a lot of EMF to compete with.

Monday, July 8, 2013

FAQ :: Day vs. Night

This month, I'm going to be addressing some of the frequently asked questions we commonly get about our investigations, the building, the history, and the equipment.

The number one question I get asked on investigations is:  Why does it have to be night?

Honestly, it doesn't.  I can walk into the warehouse during the day, set up a ghost box, and get responses.  Quite a few times, Garry has done this during the day, and has gotten some great evidence from it (see the player below to listen to a few).

But why do most ghost investigations happen at night?

Well, for the most part, it's quieter at night.  Especially where our building is, during the day, you have a lot of traffic from pedestrians in the area and car traffic, as we are a block and a half from the end of the I-16 freeway.  If we brought people in there during the day, you would hear all sorts of outside noise that would spoil the investigation.

Also, orbs are better captured in the dark.  The energy from your flash is a big part of what makes them manifest.  During the day, you wouldn't need a flash to take pictures and the sun itself would cause a lot of light abnormalities in your photos due to glares and flares.

Furthermore, think of your senses.  At night, it's dark (sorry to state the obvious), and your sense of sight is weakened, thus heightening your other senses, such as hearing and smell.  This cues you in more to what is going on around you because you can't physically see it.  It's amazing how the body reacts to this.

Some believe in a "Dead Time" or "Witching Hour" which is around 3am, when spirits are most active (supposedly), but we don't necessarily believe that is true.  If the place you are visiting is haunted, you can probably talk to anyone who has ever lived there, worked there, etc., and they will all tell you that the time of day means very little.  

Broad daylight or dead of night, something will happen when the spirits choose to have it happen.