Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your Energy

Just like we have energy and sometimes feel tired or incredibly hyper, I think spirits have reactions like this, too, which explains why some nights they're more active than others.  It, also, comes down to the investigator's energy and how excited they are to be doing what they're doing.

Think about it this way -- Would you want to go to a party and talk to the kid sitting alone in the corner or talk to the person who is laughing and cheerful?

Spirits have the same reaction.  If you're not into asking questions or aren't taking it seriously, they probably won't talk to you because there's probably another group in the warehouse who is incredibly interested and energetic, asking questions and getting excited over the responses.

I tell everyone who comes in to not be afraid to ask whatever they think of.  You'd be surprised how sometimes the most off-the-wall questions get the best responses.  Or how corny jokes get laughter.  It's interesting to see, but, in the end, you're entertaining the spirits as much as they want to be entertained.

The best way to come to an investigation, either ours or another place, is to come with an open mind full of questions and curiosity.  Come well rested, sober, and ready to go!

Just always remember the party trick -- be the life of the party and you'll be the favorite.