Monday, June 17, 2013

Investigating with an Open Mind

The number one thing to remember when you come to investigate with us or at any place -- Come with an open mind.

Every place you investigate is different.  There's a different history, a different level of activity, and different spirits who are used to showing themselves in different ways.

Whenever we go investigate somewhere else, we just try to keep a level-headed way of talking and speaking.  We're used to the spirits in our building being very chatty, but we know the spirits in other places may not be so.

Ours are used to communicating through the ghost box, and we've always noticed that when we introduce new equipment to the warehouse, it generally takes a bit of coaxing and a few times using it to ever get a reaction from them.

The same goes when we go to a new place.  We've noticed that sometimes, the ghost boxes are too high-tec for them, and opt more for EMF light communication or that we end up capturing straight EVPs more often.

The history of the place is always important, too.  Remember key names of those who died in the place or are believed to haunt it.  History can also help you determine what pieces of equipment might be the best to bring with you to help you communicate, as well.

We always try to research the history of a place heavily, as well as get as many details from owners of the property and what has occurred on it.  Having newspaper or eye-witness accounts really helps, as well.

Basically, whenever you investigate, know the history of the property and have a basic idea of what to expect, but don't expect exactly that to happen.

Even if a place reports seeing a woman in white walking around all the time, don't expect you're going to immediately walk in and see her.  The reason being is that she is probably more comfortable with the people who live on the property and they feed into her, so she is willing to show herself.  When you come in, she will have to come in and feel you out.  Just because you're there for the night doesn't mean she will immediately show herself to you.  She might be shy or not trust you.  If you really think about it, it makes sense, right?

There's many factors that go into a haunting of a place, and you, as the investigator, have to remember to take all the facts, all the history, all the stories, and put them to your use to have the best investigation possible.

Chances are, if you're open-minded, the spirits will be more willing, too.