Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Breaking Amish :: Facing Demons

The Gribble House was featured on the TLC show Breaking Amish this past week in the third episode of season two entitled, "Facing Demons."

 The show follows five individuals as they break free from the Amish/Mennonite faith and customs and try to adapt to the world outside the covent.

 In the episode we were featured in, the group was in Savannah discussing spirits and demons, something the Amish do not believe in. They believe that when you die, you either go to heaven or hell, and you're not roaming the earth. To them, "ghost hunting" is essentially calling the devil.

 Two of the girls, Sabrina and Kate, chose not to participate in the investigation with us because of the beliefs, while Jeremiah, Abe, and Rebecca did.

 Garry played them EVPs and gave them a breakdown of what was about to happen, and then we set off into the warehouse.

 Everyone was split up at first, investigating different areas of the warehouse, then reunited in the Slave Quarters for the finale.

 It was a great experience for us to work with. The crew of Hot Snakes Media and the cast of Breaking Amish were fantastic and absolutely lovely to talk to. It was incredibly interesting to learn about the Amish culture and get the behind-the-scenes insight on how the shows are made.

 If you missed the episode, you can watch it on Amazon or iTunes.