Monday, June 17, 2013

Investigating with an Open Mind

The number one thing to remember when you come to investigate with us or at any place -- Come with an open mind.

Every place you investigate is different.  There's a different history, a different level of activity, and different spirits who are used to showing themselves in different ways.

Whenever we go investigate somewhere else, we just try to keep a level-headed way of talking and speaking.  We're used to the spirits in our building being very chatty, but we know the spirits in other places may not be so.

Ours are used to communicating through the ghost box, and we've always noticed that when we introduce new equipment to the warehouse, it generally takes a bit of coaxing and a few times using it to ever get a reaction from them.

The same goes when we go to a new place.  We've noticed that sometimes, the ghost boxes are too high-tec for them, and opt more for EMF light communication or that we end up capturing straight EVPs more often.

The history of the place is always important, too.  Remember key names of those who died in the place or are believed to haunt it.  History can also help you determine what pieces of equipment might be the best to bring with you to help you communicate, as well.

We always try to research the history of a place heavily, as well as get as many details from owners of the property and what has occurred on it.  Having newspaper or eye-witness accounts really helps, as well.

Basically, whenever you investigate, know the history of the property and have a basic idea of what to expect, but don't expect exactly that to happen.

Even if a place reports seeing a woman in white walking around all the time, don't expect you're going to immediately walk in and see her.  The reason being is that she is probably more comfortable with the people who live on the property and they feed into her, so she is willing to show herself.  When you come in, she will have to come in and feel you out.  Just because you're there for the night doesn't mean she will immediately show herself to you.  She might be shy or not trust you.  If you really think about it, it makes sense, right?

There's many factors that go into a haunting of a place, and you, as the investigator, have to remember to take all the facts, all the history, all the stories, and put them to your use to have the best investigation possible.

Chances are, if you're open-minded, the spirits will be more willing, too.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your Energy

Just like we have energy and sometimes feel tired or incredibly hyper, I think spirits have reactions like this, too, which explains why some nights they're more active than others.  It, also, comes down to the investigator's energy and how excited they are to be doing what they're doing.

Think about it this way -- Would you want to go to a party and talk to the kid sitting alone in the corner or talk to the person who is laughing and cheerful?

Spirits have the same reaction.  If you're not into asking questions or aren't taking it seriously, they probably won't talk to you because there's probably another group in the warehouse who is incredibly interested and energetic, asking questions and getting excited over the responses.

I tell everyone who comes in to not be afraid to ask whatever they think of.  You'd be surprised how sometimes the most off-the-wall questions get the best responses.  Or how corny jokes get laughter.  It's interesting to see, but, in the end, you're entertaining the spirits as much as they want to be entertained.

The best way to come to an investigation, either ours or another place, is to come with an open mind full of questions and curiosity.  Come well rested, sober, and ready to go!

Just always remember the party trick -- be the life of the party and you'll be the favorite.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Spirit Energy

In the spirit world, everything comes down to energy.  It takes energy for spirits to manifest, communicate, move.

Personally, I believe there is a rank when it comes to how they can communicate and show themselves.

It seems, to me, that forming themselves into an orb seems to be the easiest, most basic way to physically show themselves.  Obviously, temperature shifts, eerie feelings, and chills would be their most basic form, but I'm talking about something a bit more physical and tangible.

From there, I believe that communicating through the ghost box is the next best for them, then straight EVPs.  Audible EVPs are probably the toughest, and come close to the manifestation phase, which takes the absolute most energy.

In between voice communication and manifestation, I believe is when the visuals begin in terms of EMF monitors blinking and the REM pods going off.  This is them coming forward and almost being able to take on a physical mass, but not quite there yet.  Again, they don't have enough energy to do this.

Now, manifestation does not have to mean just white mists or black shadows; it can also mean physical noises, knocks, and the movement of things.  Basically, think of it as a spirit taking on an almost human form again.  This takes a strong spirit with lots of energy to be able to do anything like that.

That's why we try to explain to our guests and any ghost hunter, really, that this is a rare occurrence in the world of ghost hunting.  Think of the last time you watched your favorite ghost show on TV, and they actually captured a physical being or something flying on camera.  Chances are, it doesn't happen in every episode.

Also, I feel like this is why some nights we have a lot of ghost box chatter and not a lot of EMF/REM pod action because they are focusing their energy in the most useful way.  It seems like the nights we just have a lot of ghost box action that we also get the same voices coming back again and again to talk, whereas the nights we have ghost box, REM pod, and EMF action, we seem to communicate with a lot more spirits, but none of them seem to stick around for long.

Honestly, though, I'm just happy with whatever happens each night.  I love communicating with our spirits and when the REM pods starting blinking, I still just stop and stare at them because they immediately get my attention.  I'll take what I can get because I love every aspect of it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Breaking Amish :: Facing Demons

The Gribble House was featured on the TLC show Breaking Amish this past week in the third episode of season two entitled, "Facing Demons."

 The show follows five individuals as they break free from the Amish/Mennonite faith and customs and try to adapt to the world outside the covent.

 In the episode we were featured in, the group was in Savannah discussing spirits and demons, something the Amish do not believe in. They believe that when you die, you either go to heaven or hell, and you're not roaming the earth. To them, "ghost hunting" is essentially calling the devil.

 Two of the girls, Sabrina and Kate, chose not to participate in the investigation with us because of the beliefs, while Jeremiah, Abe, and Rebecca did.

 Garry played them EVPs and gave them a breakdown of what was about to happen, and then we set off into the warehouse.

 Everyone was split up at first, investigating different areas of the warehouse, then reunited in the Slave Quarters for the finale.

 It was a great experience for us to work with. The crew of Hot Snakes Media and the cast of Breaking Amish were fantastic and absolutely lovely to talk to. It was incredibly interesting to learn about the Amish culture and get the behind-the-scenes insight on how the shows are made.

 If you missed the episode, you can watch it on Amazon or iTunes.