Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Running Man

Lately, we've reported seeing a "running man" in the front corner of the warehouse.  He is essentially a dark grey to black shadow figure that will run from one side of the warehouse into the briefing room.

Everyone on our crew has reported seeing him at various times, and, lately, we've even gotten some weird things happening in the briefing room, which we generally refer to as a "safe area."  REM pods will go off by themselves, the doll will start blinking, or we will have weird random blurps in EMF.  In the past, nothing has ever happened in that room.

A few weekends ago, we were sold out, and I put a group in that front corner where the running man is generally seen.  In this area, the camera captured multiple black shadows the whole night on film.  In the corner of the photo, in the middle of it, in all areas of it.  It was very strange, and the other pictures they took during the night did not have the same problem, save for two that were taken in the opposite corner of the warehouse, but still in the warehouse itself.

The craziest part about it was, the group was sitting down.  The warehouse is pitch black.  And the photos were taken with nothing and no one standing in front of the camera to cause a shadow with the flash.  Also, it was the camera that we use on our investigations nightly, so thinking it was a problem with the camera is not really true since we used it the other night, in the same area, and got nothing.

We've captured some black shadows before in the Slave Quarters, but to get multiple ones in the same night in the vast area of the warehouse really peaked our interest.

Have a look.  What do you think?