Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In Savannah, there are a lot of tour offerings in the city you can choose.  Having once worked as a concierge in hotels and a sales rep for a tour company on the streets, I used to always get asked about ghost tours, then, "We want to see a ghost!"

I love working at the Gribble House because I feel like I'm letting people experience that emotion that they're asking for.  When people say, "We want to see a ghost!" they don't necessarily mean they want to physically "see" a ghost, but they want to experience what they "see" on television.

Putting equipment in someone's hands is letting them be Zak Baggins for the night.  It's letting them explore a life they would normally not be able to experience.  They can be that TV star.  They can connect with ghosts.  They can have chills, hear voices, capture spirits.  

They can, essentially, "see" a ghost.

And that's all they wanted to begin with.