Monday, March 11, 2013


This past Wednesday, we had a crew meeting to go over some of the new equipment we've gotten over the past month and just to make sure everyone is comfortable using it.

However, as we got to talking, we realized that we all have started to see the same thing in the warehouse --


Shadow movement.

And, apparently, we've all been seeing the same thing.

In the front corner of the warehouse, by where the Segways are stored, we've all started to see a shadow man moving quickly, like a sprinter, running from the warehouse into the wall where the briefing room is.

We've also have all seen something slinking around the staircase that leads up into the loft.

And it's all started in the last month or so.

Which leads us to wonder, what is the cause for the sudden activity?  Could it be connected to the new equipment?  Could it be that words gotten out that we're here talking to spirits, and they want the attention?

I guess we will find out, but I promise to keep you all posted.