Friday, January 11, 2013

New Equipment

We've been researching different ways to see if we can get more activity in a designated area.  When you are exploring a 15,000 square foot warehouse that is, for the most part, completely open in terms of space and design, there's not a lot you can do to control where the activity comes from.

So, of course, we headed to the Internet to see if we could have a little more of an upper hand in where our spirits draw their energy.

The first piece of equipment we came across and bought was an EM Pump.  If you watch the video above, the man who makes them, a member of Colorado Para-Tech, shows and teaches you how to make one.  If not, you can click the link to go to their eBay store, where we bought the device from originally.

The concept of this device is to create electromagnetic waves for the spirits to feed from.  The thought is that giving them more energy can make it easier for them to manifest, either vocally or physically.  We used this for a few nights in the Slave Quarters to great results.  More chatter over the ghost boxes and more educated responses, as well.

However, the device only has a 2-3 foot radius in terms of EMF frequency.

We, of course, wanted more.

Enter our lead investigator Garry.  He took the basic idea of the EM Pump and how it is constructed and made it on a more grand scale, doing lots of things that I don't understand in order to make it, but I did provide the glue gun, so I helped a little.  The device he made is called a Dual Motor Vortex Pump and it creates reverse polarity magnetic fields. Again, like the EM Pump, it creates energy for the spirits, but on a much larger scale.

This one, is great in our warehouse and is more tailored to our needs than the smaller EM Pump.

As I said in a previous post, we've been getting lots of interesting EMF readings and spikes in the building, weeks before we every brought one of these devices into the warehouse, which is why we began to look into devices that had to do with EMF frequencies and ways to control them.