Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Striking a Chord

The building never ceases to amaze me as we continue to investigate it. Every night we are in there, something happens, and the other night was no exception.

While sitting in the slave quarters with a mother/daughter duo, we started asking about a man who was brought in for questioning of the murders, Willie Walls. Usually, in the slave quarters, these types of questions go ignored and unanswered as the spirits in the location of the warehouse seem to be dissociated with the murders, however, on this night, we must have struck a chord.

Three questions were asked, including, "Why don't you like Willie," and each time we received the same, gruff voice replying back to us, once with "Willie!," then, "F*ck off," and finally, "Go away!"

Afterwards, the motion sensor went off, and Kate, the daughter, captured a dark shadow over the area where the motion sensor is pointed. Needless to say, we were all a little spooked, but still curious about what was in the room.

We continued to investigate, but received  less exciting activity afterwards, and the ladies moved on to a different area.

Investigator:  "Come on, Willie's a nice guy."
Spirit:  "Go away!'