Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orb Colors Explained

With each "Best of" evidence packet we send to guests each week, we always include a list of orb colors and their meanings.

Orbs are spirits manifesting themselves to the human eye.  Though there is a lot of controversy surrounding the validity of orbs, we believe them to be a key way of manifestation and communication.

Capturing orbs is an instant reward, too, in the ghost hunting field.  While audio and video has to be listened to an analyzed later, one can quickly revert back to his digital camera and zoom in on the different areas of the picture to see if he captured anything.

If you're feeling a chill, snap a picture.  There may be an orb or a mist surrounding you.  If you think you saw something moving in the darkness, click away.  You might capture a shadow.  If you're feeling watched with in an empty room, see if you capture something.  You just might.

In the Gribble House, we have captured many different faces and images in our orbs.  The picture above (one of my personal favorites) shows an example of this with multiple faces, as if screaming, appearing in the many orbs.  Also, you can see, there are different colors for the orbs.

The different hues and tones of orbs represent the character of the spirit.  Red have strong personalities, while pinks have more sensitive.  Yellows and oranges are intelligent, while greens are manipulative.  Blues and purples are more omniscient and idealistic.  Whites are new spririts and shades of black are depressed.

For more of what's been captured at the Gribble House, make sure to check out our evidence pages.