Monday, December 31, 2012


We get a lot of questions on how to capture a truly great EVP.

I believe three components really come into play when investigating and capturing evidence.

  1. The equipment.
  2. The question.
  3. The environment.
The equipment is very important.  Though some say you can use cell phones and inexpensive devices and get results, we argue that having sensitive equipment tailored towards ghost hunting is very important, especially if you want to capture a straight EVP.  There are many ghost sites out there to buy equipment from, but we get most of our equipment from GhostStop.  The two main devices we use each night are a spirit box and a digital recorder.  We enjoy the new version of this spirit box because, when on AM Frequency, it doesn't play all the static that comes through from scanning the radio stations and it's much quieter, making it easier to hear responses.  The dual microphones on this digital recorder also makes it perfect for investigating because it picks up all areas and they are very sensitive.

Questions asked and how they are asked are also a key aspect in any investigation.  Questions should be short and to the point.  It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest and be able to communicate, so don't be discouraged if you get a one or two word answer.  Ourselves and other investigators have caught sentence long answers, but those are the cream of the crop right there, and I can guarantee you we've all gotten a lot of one word answers in the way of getting the sentence long one.  Also, give the spirits time to respond.  If you ask back to back questions in a spitfire round, they won't be able to have time to draw energy and respond.  Relax.  Be patient.  The calmer you are, the better responses you will get.

Now this one may seem like a no brainer, but the environment you're in will really affect your results.  I'm not just talking about how haunted the building you're in supposedly is, I'm talking about the outside factors, usually involving humans, that are also in the area.  For one, is there a lot of street traffic, either car or pedestrian, in the area?  This can have a great influence over the validity of your evidence.  Also, where are the other members of your crew and what are they doing?  If someone is moving overhead that you're not aware of, this can greatly taint your results.  What we've found best is to just sit down in an area for about thirty minutes and see what you can get.  If you feel like you aren't getting anything, move on and let your team know.  Maybe switch spots.  The spirits will draw from your energy, but if you're moving and fidgeting about, they won't be able to draw from you.  Again, sit down and relax.

The most important thing, above all else, to remember when investigating is to stay calm and relaxed.  The spirits can draw from your moods, and if you're agitating about, it won't matter how great of a location or equipment you have, the results won't be the best.