Monday, December 17, 2012

Case 1212-1: Richmond Hill Plantation - The Mother's House

There's few times I really ever feel uncomfortable while investigating. I feel chills, I get headaches, and I'll feel dizzy, but there are few times I'd say I got the "Heebie-jeebies," until visiting the house in Richmond Hill.

 If you're not familiar with the back story, read this post, but this instance happened in the mother's house, which we weren't there to investigate, but of which the women were so nice to welcome us in. 

Asking the daughter her experiences in the house instantly drew us to her old bedroom, located in the attic of the house. As we walked up the stairs, the owner's daughter guiding us, we heard voices from the spirit box.

When we were in the little attic room, we saw another door that had a chair propped under the door handle. The daughter explained to us that this door, which lead to a closet and a crawl space area, was frequently found open and contents from inside were found on the floor. No one regularly went up into this room.

 I, of course, was volunteered to go into the closet and the crawl space.

 The feeling I got walking into that closet was unbelievable. I felt incredibly dizzy and had to stop and shut my eyes for a moment. I continued on and stood in the threshold of the crawl space, putting my clipboard with the spirit box and recorder inside. I just stood there and closed my eyes.

I was teetering on a small strip of wood that made the door frame, and I felt so dizzy and lightheaded, but also like something was hanging on me. I stood there for a few minutes, then crawled down. The feeling that something was on me, hanging on my back, didn't leave for the rest of the time I was in the house.

Talking with the daughter afterwards, she told me a few more stories about things that happened in the room. I told her about feeling like there was a monkey on my back. She agreed. Then, without even thinking about it, I said I thought whatever was in there was a woman. The daughter said she had always felt that way, as well.

I don't believe what was in there was a malevolent force, I think it was a sad, sorrowful entity. Also, due to the spiritual activity that occurred in the attic bedroom and the events leading up to it (fights between family members, the teenage angst that occurred), I am once again drawn to believing it is a woman making that her haunt.

Will we ever know for certain?  We would definitely like to investigate the mother's house one day, but our job right now is to help the daughter and the little girl she is a mother to and to find out what is haunting them at night.