Friday, December 14, 2012

Case 1212-1 -- Richmond Hill Plantation

We recently were contacted to investigate a private residence in Richmond Hill, GA. Activity included voices, things being moved, odd smells, and night terrors.

We were particularly keen to have a preliminary interview and investigation due to the fact a lot of the activity centered around the birth of the woman's daughter, and the mother was fearful of their safety. 

Garry and I set off one morning to visit with the owner of the house. The house itself sits on acres of land the family owns, with the rail lines on one side and acres of forest with a canal on the other. After we interviewed the owner of the house and her mother, whose house was on the adjoining property, we did base readings of the house and set off into the woods.

As the owner of the house was guiding us through the woods to a spot she frequently throughout her life had nightmares about, we crossed over a small wooden bridge over a canal. As we did this, the spirit box, which we had on and, up until this moment, had said nothing, suddenly said, "Go back," in a tired man's voice.

Of course, we continued on, but as we were walking back, we crossed over the bridge, and the spirit box said, "Ask Jim."

When we got out of the woods, we went to the mother's house and asked her. She told us there was a man who was driving the trail, which used to lead to a lumber mill, and he crashed at the bridge, basically missed the bridge and went into the canal. Often times in the mother's childhood and as she continued to live on the property, there would be seen an old car driving down the trail, disappearing before it got to the gate after the canal.

The only question that can be asked is, was Jim trying to warn us and communicate with us about his untimely death?