Monday, December 31, 2012


We get a lot of questions on how to capture a truly great EVP.

I believe three components really come into play when investigating and capturing evidence.

  1. The equipment.
  2. The question.
  3. The environment.
The equipment is very important.  Though some say you can use cell phones and inexpensive devices and get results, we argue that having sensitive equipment tailored towards ghost hunting is very important, especially if you want to capture a straight EVP.  There are many ghost sites out there to buy equipment from, but we get most of our equipment from GhostStop.  The two main devices we use each night are a spirit box and a digital recorder.  We enjoy the new version of this spirit box because, when on AM Frequency, it doesn't play all the static that comes through from scanning the radio stations and it's much quieter, making it easier to hear responses.  The dual microphones on this digital recorder also makes it perfect for investigating because it picks up all areas and they are very sensitive.

Questions asked and how they are asked are also a key aspect in any investigation.  Questions should be short and to the point.  It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest and be able to communicate, so don't be discouraged if you get a one or two word answer.  Ourselves and other investigators have caught sentence long answers, but those are the cream of the crop right there, and I can guarantee you we've all gotten a lot of one word answers in the way of getting the sentence long one.  Also, give the spirits time to respond.  If you ask back to back questions in a spitfire round, they won't be able to have time to draw energy and respond.  Relax.  Be patient.  The calmer you are, the better responses you will get.

Now this one may seem like a no brainer, but the environment you're in will really affect your results.  I'm not just talking about how haunted the building you're in supposedly is, I'm talking about the outside factors, usually involving humans, that are also in the area.  For one, is there a lot of street traffic, either car or pedestrian, in the area?  This can have a great influence over the validity of your evidence.  Also, where are the other members of your crew and what are they doing?  If someone is moving overhead that you're not aware of, this can greatly taint your results.  What we've found best is to just sit down in an area for about thirty minutes and see what you can get.  If you feel like you aren't getting anything, move on and let your team know.  Maybe switch spots.  The spirits will draw from your energy, but if you're moving and fidgeting about, they won't be able to draw from you.  Again, sit down and relax.

The most important thing, above all else, to remember when investigating is to stay calm and relaxed.  The spirits can draw from your moods, and if you're agitating about, it won't matter how great of a location or equipment you have, the results won't be the best.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

To Believe is to See

A ghost hunting experience really relies on having an open mind when walking through the doors of the building.

Everyone has seen a ghost investigation show or a scary movie in their life. Everyone has heard something or felt something they couldn't explain 100%, regardless of if they want to admit it or not.

For us, we want to change the skeptics into believers on some level, even if they won't admit it out loud, we hope they feel it inside. We also want to validate a person's belief in the supernatural. We feel this is as equally important to do as it is to change a skeptic.

At the end of the night, our mission at the Gribble House is to make sure everyone had the experience they wanted when they walked through the door.

The paranormal is not a planned performance. We don't have spirits show up on demand, whether as an apparition or as a voice, and if we did, well, then we would be a hoax. We don't manifest what we do because we truly believe in keeping the legitimacy of the unknown.

One of the things we say at the beginning of the night is that there isn't anyone out in the warehouse in a sheet jumping out from behind a close door. This isn't that kind of "haunted house." And it never will be.

If the spirits leave. We leave. As simple as that.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Gribble House and Spectre Savannah crew!

Enjoy your loved ones this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orb Colors Explained

With each "Best of" evidence packet we send to guests each week, we always include a list of orb colors and their meanings.

Orbs are spirits manifesting themselves to the human eye.  Though there is a lot of controversy surrounding the validity of orbs, we believe them to be a key way of manifestation and communication.

Capturing orbs is an instant reward, too, in the ghost hunting field.  While audio and video has to be listened to an analyzed later, one can quickly revert back to his digital camera and zoom in on the different areas of the picture to see if he captured anything.

If you're feeling a chill, snap a picture.  There may be an orb or a mist surrounding you.  If you think you saw something moving in the darkness, click away.  You might capture a shadow.  If you're feeling watched with in an empty room, see if you capture something.  You just might.

In the Gribble House, we have captured many different faces and images in our orbs.  The picture above (one of my personal favorites) shows an example of this with multiple faces, as if screaming, appearing in the many orbs.  Also, you can see, there are different colors for the orbs.

The different hues and tones of orbs represent the character of the spirit.  Red have strong personalities, while pinks have more sensitive.  Yellows and oranges are intelligent, while greens are manipulative.  Blues and purples are more omniscient and idealistic.  Whites are new spririts and shades of black are depressed.

For more of what's been captured at the Gribble House, make sure to check out our evidence pages.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Case 1212-1: Richmond Hill Plantation - The Mother's House

There's few times I really ever feel uncomfortable while investigating. I feel chills, I get headaches, and I'll feel dizzy, but there are few times I'd say I got the "Heebie-jeebies," until visiting the house in Richmond Hill.

 If you're not familiar with the back story, read this post, but this instance happened in the mother's house, which we weren't there to investigate, but of which the women were so nice to welcome us in. 

Asking the daughter her experiences in the house instantly drew us to her old bedroom, located in the attic of the house. As we walked up the stairs, the owner's daughter guiding us, we heard voices from the spirit box.

When we were in the little attic room, we saw another door that had a chair propped under the door handle. The daughter explained to us that this door, which lead to a closet and a crawl space area, was frequently found open and contents from inside were found on the floor. No one regularly went up into this room.

 I, of course, was volunteered to go into the closet and the crawl space.

 The feeling I got walking into that closet was unbelievable. I felt incredibly dizzy and had to stop and shut my eyes for a moment. I continued on and stood in the threshold of the crawl space, putting my clipboard with the spirit box and recorder inside. I just stood there and closed my eyes.

I was teetering on a small strip of wood that made the door frame, and I felt so dizzy and lightheaded, but also like something was hanging on me. I stood there for a few minutes, then crawled down. The feeling that something was on me, hanging on my back, didn't leave for the rest of the time I was in the house.

Talking with the daughter afterwards, she told me a few more stories about things that happened in the room. I told her about feeling like there was a monkey on my back. She agreed. Then, without even thinking about it, I said I thought whatever was in there was a woman. The daughter said she had always felt that way, as well.

I don't believe what was in there was a malevolent force, I think it was a sad, sorrowful entity. Also, due to the spiritual activity that occurred in the attic bedroom and the events leading up to it (fights between family members, the teenage angst that occurred), I am once again drawn to believing it is a woman making that her haunt.

Will we ever know for certain?  We would definitely like to investigate the mother's house one day, but our job right now is to help the daughter and the little girl she is a mother to and to find out what is haunting them at night.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Case 1212-1 -- Richmond Hill Plantation

We recently were contacted to investigate a private residence in Richmond Hill, GA. Activity included voices, things being moved, odd smells, and night terrors.

We were particularly keen to have a preliminary interview and investigation due to the fact a lot of the activity centered around the birth of the woman's daughter, and the mother was fearful of their safety. 

Garry and I set off one morning to visit with the owner of the house. The house itself sits on acres of land the family owns, with the rail lines on one side and acres of forest with a canal on the other. After we interviewed the owner of the house and her mother, whose house was on the adjoining property, we did base readings of the house and set off into the woods.

As the owner of the house was guiding us through the woods to a spot she frequently throughout her life had nightmares about, we crossed over a small wooden bridge over a canal. As we did this, the spirit box, which we had on and, up until this moment, had said nothing, suddenly said, "Go back," in a tired man's voice.

Of course, we continued on, but as we were walking back, we crossed over the bridge, and the spirit box said, "Ask Jim."

When we got out of the woods, we went to the mother's house and asked her. She told us there was a man who was driving the trail, which used to lead to a lumber mill, and he crashed at the bridge, basically missed the bridge and went into the canal. Often times in the mother's childhood and as she continued to live on the property, there would be seen an old car driving down the trail, disappearing before it got to the gate after the canal.

The only question that can be asked is, was Jim trying to warn us and communicate with us about his untimely death?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Striking a Chord

The building never ceases to amaze me as we continue to investigate it. Every night we are in there, something happens, and the other night was no exception.

While sitting in the slave quarters with a mother/daughter duo, we started asking about a man who was brought in for questioning of the murders, Willie Walls. Usually, in the slave quarters, these types of questions go ignored and unanswered as the spirits in the location of the warehouse seem to be dissociated with the murders, however, on this night, we must have struck a chord.

Three questions were asked, including, "Why don't you like Willie," and each time we received the same, gruff voice replying back to us, once with "Willie!," then, "F*ck off," and finally, "Go away!"

Afterwards, the motion sensor went off, and Kate, the daughter, captured a dark shadow over the area where the motion sensor is pointed. Needless to say, we were all a little spooked, but still curious about what was in the room.

We continued to investigate, but received  less exciting activity afterwards, and the ladies moved on to a different area.

Investigator:  "Come on, Willie's a nice guy."
Spirit:  "Go away!'

Monday, December 10, 2012

103rd Anniversary of the Gribble House Murders

When we started to investigate the warehouse, we were going off the stories and first-hand encounters we had heard and seen.  Most of us on the crew had spent numerous hours in the building when it was the headquarters for Old Town Trolley tours of Savannah and had had a few personal experiences.

I, myself, didn't know about the haunted history of the building until I was talking to one of the managers, and she started telling me about how she would frequently get locked in the bathroom, as if someone was standing outside the door holding the doorknob (something that terrified me very much because I have an irrational fear of being locked inside a single bathroom [and of which happened to me in that same bathroom months after she told me this story, but that's another tale altogether]).

After Old Town Trolley moved to a new building, we started looking into the actual history of the building and what may be causing the strange activity so many had experienced.  That's when we discovered the various newspaper articles about the triple murders that occurred on the exact spot the warehouse now stands.

On December 10th, 1909, three women were attacked within the walls of Mrs Eliza Gribble's house.  Two of the woman, a mother and daughter, Mrs Gribble and Ms Carrie Ohlander, were discovered dead, with the third woman, Mrs Maggie Hunter, barely clinging to life.  All three had been struck by a blunt object, presumably an ax, but the murder weapon was never found.

A witch hunt ensued all over Savannah as police questioned and arrested hundreds of people.  The accusations of why the women were murdered ranged from petty theft to crimes of passion, and the police could find no real motive.  With two of the women dead and the other so badly beaten she was barely conscious and delusional when awake, the police had no real testimony, either.  It was thought that one of the most gruesome crimes to ever happen to Savannah would go unsolved and killer would walk free.

That was, until Reverend Wilder came forward to say that during the final hours of Maggie Hunter's life, she admitted to him that her estranged husband, Mr Hunter, had committed the murders.  The police had their break, and he was put on trial.  Using circumstantial evidence (remember, this was before the days of CSI and DNA testing) and the testimony of the Reverend, he was convicted and sentenced to be hanged, even though he still continued to plead his innocence

Fast forward to the night before Mr Hunter was to be hanged.  Reverend Wilder and he had become good aquantinces, and the Reverend had converted him to Christianity.  As Mr Hunter stood in a make shift bathtub for a babtism, the Reverend told him he must confess to the crimes, and Mr Hunter still pleaded his innocense.  The Reverend was moved by his confession and got Mr Hunter clemency for the crime and to live out the rest of his sentence in prison.

The question still stands as to wether or not Mr Hunter committed the murders or if the murderer went free.

News reports of the murders went international, appearing in Texas, Mississippi, and Cleveland.  All were up-in-arms about the murder and scared that it could be attached to the railway that went up and down the east coast.

Though we may never know the actual truth, as all those involved are now deceased, we do feel that our investigations may bring some sort of closure to the spirits who still continue to haunt the area.

We feel that we have made contact with Mrs Hunter and Mrs Gribble, as well as Mr Hunter.  We have captured EVPs of a woman saying "Maggie" and "Hunter" when asked who was in the room.  We've frequently captured a British woman (of which Mrs Gribble was) talking to us and answer questions.  Also, a gruff male voice speaking to us when we ask for Mr Hunter. You can listen to some of these on our Evidence page on our website.

Each night, our investigations bring us closer to the truth and closer to settling the mystery that resides inside the walls.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Experience the Unknown in Savannah with the Gribble House Paranormal Experience Tour

With the numerous amount of ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia, one of the nation's most haunted cities, what do you choose when you're on vacation or when you have guests in town?

You can choose between your traditional haunted walking tour, with everything from a cemetery walk, to a pub crawl, to the traditional from house to house, or your trolley tours, which are basically the same stories, just without all the walking.

Or you can really get your hands dirty with an investigation and be able to try and connect with the other side.

The answer seems pretty simple, doesn't it?  I mean, after all, you did come to Savannah to experience a haunted place, not just walk by it, right?

At the Gribble House, located at 234 MLK Jr, Blvd in Historic Downtown Savannah, you will be given the opportunity to become a ghost hunter, much like your favorite on television.  You are given the equipment and told how to use it and are allowed to investigate a 15,000 square foot warehouse.

And this isn't any normal warehouse, either.  It's actually the scene of where a triple murder occurred in the early 1900s.  Three woman were brutally attacked, two killed on site, and one left for dead.  Their murderer, some believe, to have never been caught.

With that, you also get a woman in white who is seen and felt roaming the north-west side of the building.  A residual haunting, you won't be able to interact with her, but she'll make the hair on your arms stand straight up and the batteries in your equipment die.

Other spirits, too, come and go, with some, like Jockton and Willie, sticking around to occasionally stir the pot and get other spirits to interact.

Each night, guests capture orbs with their cameras, voices are heard through the spirit box, and chills are had.  Investigators leave with more than just a memory card full of photos, but with an understanding of and a quest for the unknown.

Join the Gribble House Paranormal Experience nightly as two members of our team join you to investigate the site.  During the two-hour investigation, you will be given a briefing of the history of the location and an explanation on how to use the equipment, then are split into small groups and allowed to explore and connect with the property and the spirits within.

When it comes down to it, you just answered your own question about what haunted choice to do in Savannah.  Join us nightly, if you dare.

Gribble House Paranormal Experience
234 MLK Jr. Blvd
Savannah, GA 31401