Monday, May 22, 2017

Investigation Update 5.22.2017

Wow, what a week we just had! Savannah is getting super busy with spring and summer season coming in and this coming week is Memorial Day! Here is just a little bit of the amazing activity we encountered in the space this week.

Willie was the lead investigator on Sunday night with a pair of couples. Everyone was eager to start investigating on what turned out to be a pretty odd evening.

For the most part there seemed to be almost no activity in the building with the exception of the Ghost Box that was insistently spitting out names of spirits when asked. In fact, there were several occasions where the same name came through over and over again- three times. Willie had his own name called twice on two seperate occasions during the night. But the Spirit Boxes were quiet for the most part, refuding to answer any other questions than "What is your name".

Ted took over as the lead investigator on Tuesday night with a pair who were unsure of what to expect that night. They started their evening off at the Stage Area and did not have the most kind and welcoming conversation. They asked a few questions and at one point heard "Shit" come through. They asked "Who said Shit" and heard the reply "I did". When they asked if the spirits could prove they were real the only reply they got was "Laugh".

The investigators moved to the Gribble House area where they heard a confession to murder. "Did you commit the murders of the women here" they asked, to which they heard "Yes". They could never find out what had admitted, though.

In stepped Willie on Tuesday night to lead the investigation with a few pairs- one of the ladies had the maiden name of Gribble! After some research she came to find out that the part of her family named Gribble were from South Carolina. Very interesting.

While still in the front of the building Willie decided to turn on one of the Spirit Boxes and within seconds the device let out the name John, which was the name of one of the investigators. The personalized chatter didn't end there because a little while later in the Stage Area they heard the names Zeke and Pop come through- Zeke was the name of her grandfather...

Ted was the lead again on Wednesday night with a pretty big group, a party of three and a couple who were all so very excited to investigate. The couple in the building that night had just gotten married and were really into the paranormal, while the party of three were having their first investigation.

When getting to the Stage Area they asked "What kind of store did you have" but then heard "I didn't as the reply" so Paul wasn't answering any questions. They believed that until they heard a loud and clear "F*ck you" come through. They asked then "Do you know our names" and heard "Jared" which was one of the investigators names.

The nasty language continued in the Slave Quarters, but the most activity was happening with the Raggedy Ann doll. When the investigators placed her on the chair they heard the word "Ann" come through. Although they asked "Do you have anything to say" and heard the reply "No", the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash.

Kaitlyn was the lead investigator on Thursday night with a seasoned paranormal enthusiast couple. Between them they had been to more than twenty five different paranormal sites around the country and done almost a dozen investigations- and they were excited to be in the Gribble House!

The action was pretty good in the building that night, but it seemed like there was a TON of action happening in the Gribble House hot spot. Not only did Kaitlyn feel extremely drained as she entered that hot spot, but the Ghost Meter Pros were going off like mad. Although the pair of investigators were trying to make contact with any of the three ladies who had been murdered, the only voices that seemed to be coming through were male- and they couldn't understand them at all.

Just before leaving the Gribble House area one of the strangest moments of the night happened. Kaitlyn was getting ready to move towards the middle of the building to snap a few photos and she heard the distinct sound of rustling and swirling fabric right next to her, like a long skirt being moved.

Finally on Friday night Kelley was the lead investigator with a big group. On this night the building seemed very quiet again with Ghost Meter Pro and EMF activity but the building was eerily creepy in being quiet. Although there didn't seem to be a lot of physical action happening, the building was heavy and felt full of energy.

There were some pretty distinct voices in the building that night. Not only was there one voice they kept coming through with a New York accent, another one continued to call everyone "Sir" very politely. There were also so many names coming through, including Linda, Patrick, Carol, Blake, Jim, Paul, David, Thomas, Harrison, Steve, and others.

In the Gribble House are the investigators encountered another distinct spirit voice. This one had a French accent and said "Bonjour". But it felt like the strangest moments of the night happened when the building was almost silent and the heavy humidity in the building was cut by cool almost cold breezes going through- very creepy.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Investigation Update 5.14.2017

Happy Mother's Day! We had a full long week of investigations and we are super excited to share them all with you! We made new friends, caught up with old friends, and captured some fantastic activity. Here's what happened-

On Monday night Willie was our lead investigator with some new investigators and six time visitors the Powells! We always love having them in the building with us. Because they had been in the building so many times before, they started their investigation straight off the bat, taking with them the Ovilus and infrared light. The two of them got some great EVPs they recorded with their camcorder.

The other investigators had a good night, too. They had a lot of luck with EMF activity with the EMF detectors, including the Raggedy Ann doll, going off in several different locations in the building for them. At one point the Doll was sitting in a chair and started to flash. When they moved her to a different chair, it still continued to flash. 

On the following night Willie was the lead investigator again. On this evening, Willie noticed that the spirits were not exactly accommodating to him although they were pretty friendly to the other investigators. Whenever he would walk up to any group that was having some action on their devices, the devices would go silent immediately. When they would ask the spirits to come back and talk they would hear "No" come through over and over. Finally one of the investigators asked "If Willie leaves will you come back" and a different voice came through saying "Yes". 

It was a mixed pairing on this night, too, with one group being new to paranormal investigation and another pair who had been in the building once before. That pair brought up a lot of their own equipment and used what we have in the Gribble House to enhance their investigation. The Ghost Meter Pros were decently active, although there were times when the spirits did not want to cooperate. When they asked "Can you make the device light up" they heard a clear "No". 

The Powell's were back in the building again on Tuesday night with Ted as the lead investigator! They had some really interesting EVP activity right off the bat when they walked into the building and heard "Leave" come through from the Gribble House gate. Both Ted and Bridgett had their names called through the Spirit Box. "We came all the way from Atlanta to visit you" and they heard "North" as the reply. "We visited Kennesaw the other say" which was followed by "War".

Then they heard the name "Willie" come through. "Who is asking for Willie" they asked and they heard "Others" as the reply.

While the Powell's were in the Gribble House area they heard and felt some amazing things. There were distinct cold spots in this area that seemed to move around. Bridgett felt something touch her a few times, but what seemed the most strange was the fact she kept hearing what sounded like someone moving around in the middle of the building... 

Willie took over again on Wednesday night as the lead. On this night a family of four investigated with a pair. The family was fairly experienced and brought a bunch of their own equipment but were very excited to see the large amount of equipment that we have at the Gribble House. 

Throughout the night the investigators made contact with spirits who called themselves Steve, Paul, Nick, Emmit, and Veronica. They also had some really great luck with the EMF detectors but it took a little bit of coaxing. At first whenever they would ask for the EMF to light up they would hear "No"as the reply, although after a little bit the device would light up. Even through it took a little coaxing, the spirits didn't seem to want them to leave because they heard "Wait" come through as they walked away. 

Kaitlyn was our lead investigator on Thursday night that had a slow start. At first, not a whole bunch was happening but as they were in the Slave Quarters the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash. Right around that same time, it felt as if there was a cold draft permeating from the Raggedy Ann and making everyone around her felt chilled. 

When the investigators moved to the Stage Area there were a couple of funny lines that came through the Spirit Box. They asked "Do you have a message for us" and they heard "Yes, never gamble" as the reply. One of the investigators felt like she was being touched at the Stage Area and she asked Kaitlyn to measure the temperature around her. As Kaitlyn pulled out the Digital Thermometer she felt a cold breeze go around her legs. 

In the Residual Area the strangest moment by far of the night happened. The investigators were hearing faint "Help me"s coming through the Spirit Box, and as they were looking around the building they saw the figure of a man wearing a hat. Very strange!

Ted was our lead again on Friday night with a few different groups who were all really into the paranormal and were excited to investigate. 

On this night, the Ovilus was pretty active along with the Spirit Box. They heard several names and several words that came up both on the Ovilus screen and heard through the Spirit Box. This included the name "Nick" that they heard at the Stage Area. They then made really great contact with Nick who told them that he owned a candy store when he was alive. They then heard Nick say the word "Pretty" which was followed by an investigator's name- "Sandra". 

Another investigator named Sam heard their name called through the Spirit Box after they asked if the Ovilus could say curse words. Then there were some really unsettling words that came through- they heard Run, Leave, and Demon, followed by Trapped. 

Finally, Kelley was the lead investigator on Saturday night with a group of four. There were a few words and phrases that everyone heard that night including "Out", "Leave", "Get out", "Run", and "Turn around". But everyone did have some very individualized experiences. The investigators noticed that just about everyone were appropriately addressed as Mister, Misses, or Ma'am. Very cool!

Many names were heard through the Spirit Box, including Kimble, Reed, Brett, Brad, Rickey, Denny, Carol, Dee Dee, Nate, Mark, Tom, Owen, Uncle Tom, Ann, and Ethan. Many of these names came through as answers to questions, such as when one of the investigators asked "Who turned the light red" and they heard "Owen". Then they asked "Who is touching the doll" and they heard "Ann" as the reply. 

No matter what area of the building they were in the investigators heard from Soldiers who wanted to talk to Dee Dee quite a bit, who was one of the investigators. They also spoke about soldier things, including "The Draft" and they asked for "A nurse". 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Investigation Update 5.7.2017

It's been the coolest first week of May we can remember in Savannah- at least for a long time. That means that the Gribble House has been nice and cool for investigations and we've had some hot activity to go along with it. Here's what's been happening-

Ted was the lead investigator on Sunday night with a family of three. All of them were new to the paranormal but were really excited for the night. That changed after the initial walk through, though. The father decided that it was for the best if he stayed up front in the Safe Room while the mom and daughter went through with the investigation.

The mother and daughter ended up having some really interesting conversations through the Spirit Box while speaking in Hindi. What was really interesting was the fact that whenever they would ask questions in Hindi the replies they got would be in English! They asked in Hindi "Who is here" and they heard "Louis" come through.

There were a few unsettling moments that night, especially when they heard the phrase "Get out... just run" come through. When they asked "Why do you want us out" they heard again "Get out". A little while later in the Residual Area they heard the words "Little kid" come through in the voice of a child. But the most unsettling perhaps was when they heard the word "Burnt" come through twice in a row followed by "Nurse".

Wednesday night had Ted again as the lead investigator. It was a really interesting night of activity for all six of the people who investigated with him.

While the investigators were in the Slave Quarters they had a really strange moment because they heard a lot of voices coming from the front part of the building behind the curtain. Ted went over there to see what might be happening and asked "Who is making those noises"? They heard "Tom" come through. "How old are you" they asked and "Forty nine" was the reply. Finally, after they heard "Hide" come through, they asked "What are you hiding from" and "Hell" was the reply.

There seemed to be a lot of EMF activity happening in the building that night between the K-II Meter and the Raggedy Ann doll. A lot of that activity happened at the Stage Area. The investigators asked "Give us a sign you are here" and the Raggedy Ann Doll started to flash. She continued to flash throughout the time they were in that hot spot.

The next investigation of the week was with Kaitlyn on Thursday night with a pair of investigators. What struck Kaitlyn as strange though was the feeling of the building before the investigation every began. She was walking to the front of the building from the equipment room with the cart of equipment when she heard what sounded like the video clip unpausing itself and playing for a moment and them pausing again before starting to play again and then pause. It was so loud she could hear it echo through the building. Very strange...

The lady investigating that night was feeling a bit nervous about being in the building and so she decided that she was going to keep the light on her phone on throughout the investigation. While they were in the Stage Area they heard "Light" come through the Spirit Box and she apologized but insisted that she was going to keep the light on. They also heard the names Emmett and Hope come through while there.

The super creepy vibe of the building continued as the night went on, especially in the Residual Area. One of the investigators not only smelled what she thought was a rancid, rotten smell, but also what smelled like rancid breath right under her nose. Around that time they heard a deep and creepy voice say "Run" through the Spirit Box.

Kelley led the last second to last investigation of the week on Friday night with a pair of gentlemen who were experience investigators and were very excited to get started. On this evening it seemed like the EMF activity was off the chart, with more than usual EMF action happening all over the building. The Raggedy Ann doll went along to every hot spot and lit up like crazy all over the place. Female voices were coming from all angles around the building.

Right of the bat at the Stage Area, one of the spirits called out Paul for being a jerk. They heard "Stop" and "Enough" come through and when they asked "Is someone here being a jerk" the reply they heard was "Paul". This was followed by the Ovilus lighting up several times with the word Door. When they asked if there was something they need to know about the door they heard "It's unlocked for sure".

There were some strange motion action that happened this night, both that the investigators saw in action and some that they did not. The REM Pod they placed behind the curtain in the Slave Quarters went off on demand. However, Kelley had set up a chair in the Slave Quarters that moved on its own once she left the room...

Kelley was the lead investigator for the last night of this week- Saturday. The main theme of this night was the creepy whispering that kept coming through the Spirit Box throughout the entire evening. In addition to that the Ghost Meter Pros were on cue, sending out activity almost every time an investigator asked politely.

There were so many names that came through the Spirit Box that night. They heard Mitch, Paul, Steve, George, Heather, Carolyn, Wanda, Deanna, Dina, Anne, Annie, Phillip, Henry, and Hunter. They also heard a few strange and repeated phrases come through the Spirit Box. When they asked "Are there kids in here" at first they heard a whispered "Shut up". They asked again and this time they heard "Three black children" come through three times in a row.

There were also a few funny moments in the building that night. The chimney in the Slave Quarters was going chirping away and they heard "Hey there, birdie" come through the Spirit Box.

A great week. If you have anything to share please do so and tag us with the @gribblehouse or the #gribblehouse!