Sunday, October 16, 2016

Investigation Update 10.16.2016

Well, it has been a strange week for the Gribble House Paranormal Crew. Between a hurricane, flooding, black outs, and curfews, it took us a while to get back in the swing of things! But we are back now and managed to have two fantastic investigations in the later portion of the week. So, here's the evidence we collected this week:

Ted was our lead investigator on Friday night with a group of folks who couldn't have been more excited to investigate with us.

The Stage Area was particularly active with some really good question and answer sessions. The K-II Meter was flashing on one of the folding metal chairs, so one of the investigators asked "Are you sitting in that chair looking at us". "Yep" was the reply. They then asked "Who are you looking at"?. They heard the reply of "Her". "Are you here, Paul?" another investigator asked. "I am Paul" they heard. "Who else is here with us", "Rick" came the response through the Ghost Box. They then heard "Ricky" come through, this time in a woman's voice.

A little girl's voice kept coming through when the investigators were in the Slave Quarters at the same time that the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing. "Little kid, please tell us your name" they asked. "Jess" came through the Spirit Box in a little girl's voice. "How old are you", they then asked. Instead of hearing a number, the little girl's voice replied with "Help". "What do you need help with", to which they heard the reply "Ghosts". Very strange.

Children and women's voices were very prevalent in the building on that night, in the Slave Quarters and in the Gribble House hot spots especially. While the investigators were in the Gribble House area, they were attempting to make contact with Carrie and ask questions about the 1909 murders. But, the spirits they were talking with didn't seem to have much information. "Carrie, are you here", to which they heard the reply "Momma". "What happened to the women", they asked, but they heard "What's up" come through. Then they asked "What happened on the property" and they heard "Slave" through the Ghost Box.

On Saturday night, Kelley and Kaitlyn were our lead investigators on an active night in the building. There seemed to be more than normal K-II and Ghost Meter Pro activity all over the entire building, with some really strange battery activity going on. Kelley had started the night with freshly charged batteries in her camera, but by the end of the night they had drained completely twice over. Most of the power draining seemed to happen while she was near the Stage Area. So odd!

One of the men investigating had some particularly strange activity going on around him. The voice of a young woman kept coming through and he kept mentioning that it felt like someone was touching him on the arm. He would ask which arm the spirit was touching, left or right, and each time the Spirit Box would call back the correct arm that was having the sensation.

There were a couple of names that came through the Ghost Box repeatedly all night long, they were Pete, Jack, John, Ann, Jesus, and Mitch. But, other names came through once or twice as well. They heard Lisa, Frank, Me, Mike, Dave, Nick, and Carol.

There were times on Saturday night when that distinct floral scent was extremely strong in the Gribble House area. Even though that scent was strong, it was the Stage Area that was the most active spot of the evening. Kaitlyn was talking to the investigators about what kind of questions to ask the spirits to garner the most responses and through the Ghost Box they heard "Ask me, sweet heart". They asked "Does any one need help", to which they heard the response "Don't need it". A gruff, deep male voice kept coming through and he was being very domineering. On several occasions he told them to "Leave" and "Beat it".

Now that the storms are gone we are hoping for clear skies and dark nights- and of course, hot investigations! If you have any images, audio, or video you would like to share with us go ahead and direct message or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. See you all next week!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Investigation Update 10.10.2016

Well, talk about a crazy week! The Gribble House was under siege by Hurricane Matthew- but we made it through! Before the storm hit, we had three investigations, and here's what happened:

Willie was our lead investigator throughout the entire week. On Sunday night Willie investigated with a couple who were fairly scared to be in the building. The activity in the building was pretty strange- it seemed like whenever it was time for them to leave the hot spots they were investigating, that was when the activity started up. While they were at the Stage Area it didn't seem like anything was happening until they stood to move to the Slave Quarters. Then both the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash!

Asking the spirits to make anything happen didn't help, everything had to happen organically.

On Monday night Willie investigated with two parents and their daughter and a father and daughter, who was extremely excited to investigate. One of the girls was so excited to investigate that she brought along her own Ghost Meter Pro!

The night seemed strange to Willie who has done dozens of investigations in the building. It seemed like one of the groups was getting all of the visual activity and the other was getting all of the verbal activity! The father/ mother/ daughter group had both the EMF Detector and the Raggedy Ann doll go off consistently in the Slave Quarters. The father/ daughter pairing ended up having a fantastic conversation with a soldier spirit who told them that his name was both "William Clark" and "Clark William".

Finally on Tuesday night, Willie investigated with a couple who had been on tour with us once before. Their first investigation had been so interesting that they decided to come back and try again. The first time they had been in the Gribble House both of their grandparent's names had come through the Spirit Box, along with their own. Crazy!

Both Willie and the wife investigating had their names called through the Ghost Box, and Willie's name also came up on the Ovilus. A few minutes later the Ovilus called Willie "Kind", which is always nice to hear! The husband had a really interesting moment in the building while Willie was towards the front of the building when he heard his grandfather's name come through the Spirit Box- "Bill". He had said "I love you, grandpa" come through, which was followed by a scary, almost demonic voice replying "Yea... love you". That's when they decided it was time to go.

Despite the storm, we had a really great week. Here's hoping this week is full of calmer weather!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Investigation Update 10.02.2016

The Gribble House Paranormal Experience Crew had a really interesting week in the building! Here's a little bit of what went on...

This past Monday night was the start of our week with Ted as the lead investigator. Everyone who investigated that night watch the ghost hunting tours like Ghost Adventures and they were ready to get going as soon as the night began.

The Slave Quarters was one of the most interesting spot of the evening. As they walked into the space, the K-II Meter that was in the space was already lighting up. One of the investigators felt as if something was tapping on his shoulder- like it felt "weird". The investigators asked "Can you make the light flicker more", "No" came through the Ghost Box, but just after the Raggedy Ann doll started to flash.

There were quite a few names being called through the Spirit Box when the investigators asked "Who is with us tonight". They heard Zach, Thomas, David, Anne, Julia, and Steve. One of the investigators, Romy, had her named called through the device, which startled her.

Ted was our lead investigator again on Thursday night with a group that was excited to set inside the Gribble House building.

On this night they started the investigation in the Slave Quarters. Rather than just asked the names of the spirits they were conversing with just once, these investigators asked several times with good results. The first time they asked "Is anyone here" they heard "Tom". "Tell us what your name is", "Mack". Then they asked "Hello, what is your name", then "Ulysses" came through the Ghost Box. They also heard Clint, Morris, and Warren come across.

The investigators were walking across the building floor from the Residual Area to the Gribble House hot spot and one of the ladies felt a breeze go past her. This happened just at the same time as the word "Touch" came through the Ghost Box she was holding. Crazy!

Kelley took the lead with Kaitlyn on Saturday night as lead investigating team. Before the investigation began, Kelley was in the bathroom when she experienced something very strange. It sounded as if a woman whispered "Leave", and it sounded like it was coming from the all that's opposite of the Slave Quarters. This isn't the first time that has happened lately in and around the Slave Quarters hot spot and it really creeped her out!

It was a really strange night of investigating, from the time Kelley heard the "Leave" until the night ended. One of the men investigating had what seemed to be a large number of orbs around him- they showed up in just about every single picture of him. That same woman's voice that Kelley heard at the beginning of the night was heard by all of the investigators as the night went on, saying the same word- "Leave".

There were a few strange just pertinent responses from the Spirit Box that night. One of the investigator asked "How did you die", to which they heard "I need food... the food killed", then they heard some murmuring about "Apples". They asked if anyone in the Residual Area was a soldier and they heard "Major" come through. "Are you a Union Soldier", they asked to which they heard "Funny... no. I like Ted". Finally in the Gribble House, they asked "Mrs. Gribble, are you with us her tonight", to which they got a different response than they expected. "That's enough!!" came through the Ghost Box in a gruff male voice.

A good week for us! If you'd like to share what you've collected, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse- or as always, send it direct!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Investigation Update 9.25.2016

Hey GHPE fans! We had a really good week in the building and can't wait to share the evidence with you. So, here it is!

Tuesday night had Kaitlyn and Kelley as our lead investigators. Both of the groups that investigated has some really great and unique experiences in the space. The group of six with us that evening were welcomed as they walked into the building. Through the Spirit Box they heard multiple "Hello"s coming through in different voices as soon as they entered. These guys had a lot of luck with the Ghost Meter Pro, with the device going off on command. One of the spirits they conversed with was Paul at the Stage Area, who told him that he was eighty five years old when he died. 

The other group of four had the same voice come through the Spirit Box over and over. But more amazingly cool than that was the action that this group got with their flashlights. They placed the flashlights on the floor and used them as a Ghost Meter Pro, asking the spirits to make them flash for yes and no- and it worked! Amazing!

During that investigation, Kelley had some of her own experiences. Not only did she hear something moving around in the Slave Quarters while no one was in there, but while she was watching the Raggedy Ann doll with the infrared camera, she saw her move! Crazy.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Thursday night on an evening with a lot of Ghost Meter Pro and Spirit Box activity. Certain words were spoken several times through the Spirit Box, including "Flash" when people took a picture, and "Hide" a few times in the Gribble House area. 

Near the Stage Area, the investigator Chase heard his name come through the Spirit Box. Just after that, they heard from Paul. They asked Paul "How long have you been here", "Thinking" was the reply. "Are we alone", they ask him. "The light" came the response. 

When the investigators moved into the Residual Area, they heard from quite a few women and children. The Ovilus was very active, with the word "Soldiers" coming through over and over. One of the investigators asked "Are there any soldiers here that are hurt", to which they heard the reply "Died". 

On Friday night, Ted took over the investigation as the lead. The group was split down the middle between those who do and do not watch ghost hunting shows like Ghost Adventures. They started their night at the Stage Area and had a fantastic conversation with a spirit who said his name was "Gene". They asked Gene "Where is Paul right now". Gene replied "Trapped". "Who is trapped?" "Paul". "Why is Paul trapped", to which they heard the reply "Speak now". "What are you looking at right now", they asked. "Yellow shirt". The guest who asked that question was wearing a yellow shirt...

In the Slave Quarters the investigators experienced a rather stark temperature drop. Using the Digital Thermometer they documented a drop that went down from 72 degrees to 65 degrees within a minute. Cool!

The Gribble House area is where the investigators had kind of a funny reply through the Spirit Box. When they walked in they heard "Yellow shirt" come through the Ghost Box again. The investigator asked "Is there something that you need" to which they heard the reply "Dinner". 

Saturday night we had two fantastic investigations with Kelley and Kaitlyn again as the lead investigators. During the first tour of the night, two women were making their way back to the bathroom and were told to "GET OUT" before the official investigation even began!

In the Gribble House area the investigators heard the name "Gribble" come through the Ghost Box, so they decided to ask the spirits to knock over a box or to make a noise to let them know they were there. Although nothing moved in front of them, Kelley could hear movement in the building behind them. She said "It would help if you made a noise", and through the Ghost Box they heard "Kelley". 

It sounded like two spirits were having a conversation between them in the Slave Quarters. Over the Spirit Box they heard one spirit say "Found it", followed by "What is it" in a different voice. This kind of conversation happened several times in the Slave Quarters. 

The second investigation was just as good. The building had a decidedly creepy vibe to it. On more than one occasion the investigators, including Kaitlyn and Kelley, got goosebumps. 

There were a few unsettling moments in the building as they settled into the hot spots. Through the Ghost Box they heard the distinct sound of a child yelling a blood-curdling scream, not once, but twice. It left all the investigators feeling very uncomfortable. When they got to the Stage Area, they noticed that the EMF Detector at the Stage was flashing like mad. They asked "Is there a child here", to which they heard "Yes". "We wont hurt you, could you please tell us your name", "Bart?"

During free time the investigators asked questions mostly about food. They asked them what kind of food they liked to eat to which they heard "Burgers", and "Pizza". When they asked them what kind of topping they liked on their pizza they got the response of "Meat". Pretty funny. 

Over all, a great week for us! And of course, for our investigators. If you have anything to share with us, send it direct via or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Investigation Update 9.18.2016

Happy Sunday! We hope all of you had as great of a week as we did- we collected a lot of activity in the building and can't wait to share it with you. So, here goes:

Tuesday night was the start of our week with Kait as the lead investigator. The building didn't seem to be super active, but the activity that did come through was especially interesting. Quality over quantity, that night.

The Raggedy Ann doll lit up a couple of times while the investigators were at the Stage Area. She seemed to light up in congruence with some other activity going on, like the EMF Detectors, and even more interestingly, when one of the ladies was getting chills. Using the Digital Thermometer, the other investigators were able to document that when she was getting these chills the temperature around her was dropped sightly compared to the other air around here. Awesome!

Paul made some contact with them while they were in the Stage Area, but he didn't feel like chatting with them. "Can we ask you some questions", they asked, to which they garnered the succinct reply of "NO". Classic Paul.

Kelley was our lead investigator on Thursday night with a pair of ladies, one of whom is a very experienced ghost hunter, and another who had no experience at all! Both seemed to have a lot of activity around them in the form of Spirit Box chatter.

A lot of the really good Spirit Box activity happened in the Slave Quarters, and a good bit of it lined up with the Ghost Meter Pro signalling yes and that corresponded with yes and no answers through the Ghost Box, which is always a good thing. They asked "Do you have any children with you", to which they heard the reply of "No", and the Ghost Meter Pro flashed for "No". Along with their direct responses to questions, there were a few seemingly random words and phrases that came through. They heard Killed, Talk, Listen, Leave, Cop (in a ladies voice), followed by The Cop (in a man's voice), Get out, and Help me damn it!

Throughout the entire evening, all three of the ladies in the building had distinct and unmistakable chills, sometimes accompanied by goosebumps. At one point, the REM Pod went off where it was sitting near the Gribble Gate, just as the chains on the garage door rattled. In both the Slave Quarters and the Residual Area, the investigators felt as though something was moving behind them, followed by the sensation of being tapped on the shoulder. So strange!

Kaitlyn was the lead investigator on Friday night. We had some classic Gribble House activity on this night. When one of the groups was in the Gribble House area, they caught the scent of heavy floral perfume- and it didn't seem to waft in and get stronger as time went on. It was if all of a sudden someone had sprayed perfume and the scent was very strong. At the same time this was going on, another group in the Slave Quarters was having a lot of luck with the Ghost Meter Pro, asking the spirit they were conversing with to reply with flashes to indicate yes or no. This was working flawlessly for them.

The Spirit Box was also particularly active, with whole sentences and not just single word responses coming through! This seemed to happen all over the building, and not just in one hot spot. One of the spirits who they made contact with as a little girl in the Slave Quarters. She told the investigators that she was "Eight" years old, but would not tell them her name.

Another spirit they made contact with in the Slave Quarters was perfectly happy with answering their questions, but was pretty unwilling to make any sort of physical contact. They asked him where he was from, and the reply they heard was a clear "Georgia". However, when they asked the spirit to touch the EMF Detector and make it flash they heard an equally clear "NO" come through.

Finally, on Saturday night Kelley and Kaitlyn were our dynamic duo of lead investigators on a night that seemed to FLY by, there was so much activity going on. There seemed to be more than usual women's and children's voices coming through in not just single word replies, but in whole soft phrases.

There also seemed to be certain words that were very popular during the night. For example, they heard the word "Attic" come through the Spirit Box on three different occasions, and had the word come up on the Ovilus as well. They asked "Did something happen in the attic", to which they heard the same word reply, "Attic". Two other words they heard a few times were "Homeless" and "Words".

The investigators had some great luck at the Stage Area, where they made contact with Paul. His gruff male voice seemed to follow them through the entire warehouse after that. They also had a very unsettling string of words come through in a man's voice. Through the Ghost Box they heard "Sick... nurse... much better here".

Such a good week with a lot of solid evidence collected. If you have any audio or images you'd like to share, go ahead and send direct to, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.