Sunday, January 22, 2017

Investigation Update 1.22.2016

Today has been incredibly rainy, and a little bit scary with the several tornado warnings that have gone off in downtown Savannah, but nothing could stop us from reporting what's been going on in the building! Here's a taste of what happened with us, and our investigators this past week...

Willie took the lead this past Sunday night. One of the ladies who was investigating with him had been in the building four times already to investigate with us, and this time she brought along her daughter. Another pair was with him that night- a wife and husband. The wife was already completely convinced of the paranormal and the husband was more of a skeptic who was looking for something to convince him.

On this evening, the REM Pod was completely silent with not a peep coming from it the entire night. On the nights when Willie is investigating, he's noticed that the REM Pod either goes off at the start of the night and continues throughout the investigation, or its silent, which is interesting- this is something that doesn't happen with out other investigators. Maybe it's just Willie!

When the investigators were at the Stage Area, they made contact with a spirit who told them that his name was Pete. Pete was super talkative with them, so much that they didn't want to move around in the building. They also heard from a spirit named Ted, who told them that he and Pete were friends in life. Pete said that he was married, and had one child, and that he knew who Paul was, and knew about Paul's store. In addition to Ted, they also heard from an Ed (this was very distinct, and not Ted again). Ed told them that he knew Paul too, and that he was "Innocent". When they asked him what he meant, he told them that he robbed Paul's "Store" for "Medicine".

Kelley took over as lead then on Friday night on a super active evening. One of these girls had been in the Gribble House once before to investigate, and another had visited the building once as well. Throughout the entire night, there seemed to be more than usual K-II activity, Raggedy Ann doll, and Ghost Meter Pro activity and a lot of it seemed to be at the Stage Area. The Stage Area had a lot of activity that was in conjunction with other sets of activity, such as the Ovilus and the Spirit Box spitting out the same words at the same time. The investigators heard "Think" come from the Spirit Box and read it on the Ovilus screen within seconds of one another. This same thing happened with the Ghost Meter Pro and the Spirit Box, when they were asking yes and no questions. They would heard "Yes" come through the Ghost Box and then see the Ovilus flash once for yes.

When the groups moved into the Gribble House area, they asked a lot of questions that got great responses. One of the ladies asked "Is this your house", "No" came the reply. Then they asked "Can you appear to us" and they heard "We are all beside you" come through.

Then the investigators went back to the Stage Area and heard a lot of names come through. They heard Paul, Tina, Nick, Rick, Rachael, and Claire.

Finally on Saturday night, Ted and Kelley took over together as lead investigators. Everyone this night was super excited to get down to investigation, and they had some fantastic results.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators made contact with a spirit who told them his name was "Steve", although at the same time they also heard the name "Ted" come through. "Can you make the red light come on" they asked, and just a few moments later the red light of the Ghost Meter Pro started to flash. This was followed by a rude and crass "F*ck that" through the Spirit Box. One of the investigators, Conner, started to feel very cold so they asked "Are you behind Conner" and "Yea" was the reply. "What is your name" they asked, "Friday" came through.

When the moved to the Stage Area, the investigators named Conner stayed the center of attention. They heard his name being called through the Spirit Box in a woman's voice. Two of the other investigators and Kelley were standing together and looking towards the Residual Area. As they were facing that direction, the noticed something moving and could clearly see the figure of a person moving around. Because there were no investigators over there, and the movements were darting and furtive, they were fairly certain they were looking at a Shadow Figure.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Investigation Update 1.15.2017

Well, it has been an interestingly unseasonable week in Savannah! With temperatures around 75 degrees every day, it's been like late Spring more than mid January. Even with the beautiful weather, we are undoubtedly in the midst of our off season in Savannah and the city seems slow and peaceful. We've been catching our breath in the Gribble House, but just a little bit. Despite the slowness of Savannah, we are still investigating in the building and collecting all the evidence we can. We had some fantastic investigations, and here's a little bit of what happened:

Kelley started the week off on Tuesday night with a pair of first time investigators who had never done anything even close to a paranormal investigation before, but were very interested in getting started- and these ladies ended up having some amazing results in the building.

Every where in the building was active for them with the K-II Meter and the Ghost Meter Pro, but they had the best luck at the Stage Area. Certain words kept coming through the Spirit Box, but not just words, but numbers as well. The ladies heard "Seven" and "Twelve" come through. Because numbers seemed to play an important role this night, they decided to ask what year it was and through the Spirit Box they heard "50" and "84". The ladies replied "It just turned 2017" and they heard the reply of "That's not right". They continued to ask for numbers throughout the night and actual heard the word "Numbers" come through.

While at the Stage Area, the ladies got some very interesting replies to their questions. When they asked for names, they heard "Paul" and "Seth", "Bob" "Vincent", "Rick", "Tom", "Matthew" and "Miguel", but they also heard a name and occupation, "Ichabod, the Baker".

For our other two investigations of the week, Kaitlyn was our lead investigator. The building seemed quietly angry that night. Throughout the course of the entire night the Spirit Box was quiet but uttering responses that where whispered. At first, the responses that came through loud and clear were menacing and angry. They heard a loud "F*ck you" in the Slave Quarters, as if they were not welcome in there.

When they moved into the Gribble House area it was really just the Ghost Meter Pro that was making responses for the investigators. Kaitlyn decided to ask "Why don't you want to talk to us", which they heard the reply of "Because". "Because why" they asked. "Can you give us a reason". "No" came through. "Are you angry with us" they asked next. "Yes" was the reply.

Even the equipment didn't seem to want to co-operate either. Kaitlyn kept turning the speakers on and then they would turn off again. Even the speakers that were working seemed to fritz out sporadically, including the one that Kaitlyn brought in from her car. One of the groups investigating kept hitting a strain of conversation that was especially religious and when they would, the words and phrases that came through would go on for a bit and then the speaker would turn off. So strange.

On Saturday night, Kaitlyn was the lead again with Ted on a very interesting night. The Slave Quarters was especially active that evening, especially behind the curtain. The investigators had set up a K-II Meter behind the dark curtain on the far side of the room and it flashed almost continually for them. They asked "Who is standing behind the curtain" and they heard "Steve" come through in a woman's voice.

At the same time at the Stage Area, another group of investigators was making contact with a child spirit who seemed to enjoy playing with the Raggedy Ann doll. While they were holding the doll at their normal height, adult height, the foot was flashing just a little bit, but as they lowered her, the hand flashed more and more. When they asked what the child's name was, through the Spirit Box they heard a little voice say "Bobby".

One of the groups of ladies walked through into the Gribble House and they heard the word "Girls" come through the Spirit Box and at the same time there were two massive spikes on the K-II Meter. As the ladies sat in that section, they were having some fantastic responses with the Ghost Meter Pro and the Spirit Box working in conjunction. They would hear yes and no responses through the Spirit Box that could coincide with the same response on the Ghost Meter Pro with flashes, which is always an awesome thing.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Investigation Update 01.08.2016

Wow wow wow, it has turned cold in Savannah for real this time. With temperatures dropping into the teens during the night, we were happy to have hot hot hot investigations in the building all week long! We had some old friends come back to visit and lots of new friends for first time investigations. Here's a little bit of what took place in the building this week:

On Monday night, Willie was our lead investigator with a decent sized group of folks- a set of three friends a big family. Everyone was ready to go, although a few people were a little nervous to get started. That's okay, though, we are happy to investigate with everyone and Willie was ready to walk everyone through how the investigation was going to work.

Off the bat for the night, the REM Pod was especially active. Willie set up the device in its usual spot over by the Gribble House gate and on this evening, it flashed once before the Ghost Adventures video started, but then really started to flash as the video went on. In fact, it was flashing so much and so intensely that the investigators were having a hard time paying attention to the video!

All night long there seemed to be a pattern of activity for both of the groups, which Willie broke up into even smaller groups. If a group was near the Stage Area, the investigators noticed that the EMF detector would be really active and respond to questions on cue. If the investigators moved to the Gribble House area, the names Dave and Steve would come through the Spirit Box and they would get communication from them. Pretty cool!

Ted took over as lead investigator on Tuesday night on an evening with just a couple of young folks who were absolutely new to paranormal investigations. Despite that, they were excited to be with Ted and get to learn and know the ropes. They got some great activity from the building that night, too!

A spirit at the Stage Area was in a pretty good mood because through the Ghost Box they kept hearing laughter in response to their questions. They said "If you are here, let us know", and instead of a proper response they heard a clear laugh. This happened again when they asked "Do you want us to stay" and the same thing happened. But, when they asked if the spirits were in a good mood that night they heard a different voice say "Shut up". "Did you tell us to shut up", they asked. "No" came the reply.

When the investigators moved into the Residual Area a few interesting things happened. They asked "What is your name" and they got a clear "Andrew" come through. "If you are here, let us know" they said again but this time the response they heard was "Dead... alone". After they asked this question they could hear a distinct loud and long knocking noise coming from the Gribble House area and that ended their time in the Residual Area because they went to see what could possibly had made that noise. By the time they got there, there was no evidence that anything had been there.

On Wednesday night Willie was our lead investigator once again. Unlike the Monday earlier, the investigators had absolutely no luck with the REM Pod- it remained silent through the entire night even through the history and the Ghost Adventures video. But, despite the fact that the REM Pod was silent, the alarm was not. Willie was showing the investigators around the Gribble House building, showing them where the hot spots were and as they walked out of the Gribble House area, the alarm started to go off!

When they got back up into the Safe Room so Willie could show the investigators how the equipment works, he turned on the Ghost Box and it said "Hello" right away. They figured out that the spirit who was talking with them was "Bob", who they heard from throughout the course of the night. Almost to the end of the evening, the alarm went off again while one of the families investigating were in that area. Willie was up front when it started to go off, and when he rushed out to the Gribble House the family told them that they must have argued the spirits with their own arguing about what questions to ask!

On Friday night, Kelley was our lead investigator with a pair who comes to visit us all the time- the Bashams! We also investigated with a group of three who had never been to the Gribble House before, but there was some fantastic activity that night, so everyone had a great time. The Bashams had brought some of the EVPs that they collected from the last time, including an especially creepy EVP of a little girl whispering "My doll".

When they entered the building, the Bashams asked about the little girl that they had heard from last time. When they asked, they got a clear and distinct response of "Rene" come through the Ghost Box, even though it was in a male voice.

The alarm went off on this night, too. This time, one of the girls investigating heard the word "Leave" come through the Ghost Box in a deep and menacing voice. Her response was that was to say "I'm out" and as soon as she said that the alarm started to go off!

Lots of names came through on this night, including Olivia, Mike, Taylor, Seth, Olive, Pete, Jim, Howard, Bill, Heather, Kelley, Hayden, Harriet, and Grandma. The investigators also had a lot of responses that came through in a New York accent!

The final investigation of the week was on Saturday night with Kelley and Kaitlyn taking the lead with a pretty big group, despite the quite cold night we were having in Savannah! The girls split the investigators that night into two groups and one started in the Gribble House while the other was in the Stage Area. While the one group was in the Stage Area, they were getting the best responses with the Ghost Meter Pro while asking yes and no questions. The device was going off on cue to their questions! At the same time, the group in the Slave Quarters was having a fantastic slew of activity with the Spirit Box and the Ovilus repeating some of the same words, including when they were speaking with a group of soldier spirits. They asked "What color are your uniforms" and they both heard and say "Green" as the reply on both the devices. Amazing!

When it came time switch areas, the Slave Quarters continued to produce come awesome activity. The investigators heard the names Jim and Jimmy come through the Spirit Box and up on the Ovilus, which just so happened to be the name of one of the investigators and Jimmy's father. One of the investigators has set the flashlight up on the table in the Slave Quarters and was asking the spirits to turn the flashlight one and off, and it was working. So creepy.

Overall, this night was fairly strange to Kelley and Kaitlyn, who investigate with us as leads all the time. This was due to the fact that there seemed to be so much activity happening with the Spirit Box, for the most part it was hard to understand what was coming through. It was really the Ovilus and the flashlights that were the stars of that show that night.

It was such a fantastic week for us in the Gribble House, and we are looking forward to this week when the weather is warmer and more pleasant. If you have anything you'd like to share with us, send it direct or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Investigation Update 1.1.2017

Happy New Years to you all! We have had a fantastic year over all, and the last week of 2016 was a wonderful cap to a wonderful 365 days. Here is what happened in the building:

Willie was our lead investigator through the entire beginning of the week. On Monday night, Willie went with a mother and son team who were happy to be in the building. The mom of the pair was super into the paranormal and had a lot of stories of her own to share with us.

When Willie started the night by showing the Ghost Adventures video, the REM Pod started to go off and continued to so frequently that they barely watched the show! The REM Pod flashed for them almost in congruence with some of the Spirit Box activity they were getting. Right off the bat they were contacted by a spirit who called himself "Nick", and Nick was quite keen on making the equipment go off. They put one of the EMF Detectors on the Stage and asked Nick if he could go near the light. It didn't seem like anything was happening at first, but then the light flickered. Only Willie and the son saw this happen, so they asked if he could do it again for the mom to see- and it did!

On Tuesday night, Willie had a group of folks who are all right into the paranormal and there wasn't a single skeptic among them! The REM Pod was just as impressive on this night as it was on the previous, but this time it stayed silent throughout the History and Film and didn't flash once until the group was walking back into the Safe Room to get all the equipment. As soon as Willie turned on one of the Spirit Boxes for the night they heard the word "Leave" come through.

The crazy alarm in the Gribble House went off again on Tuesday night. The alarm is a strange thing because the only way it should go off is if the gate is opened by more than two inches- it's a magnetic strip alarm. But it's been going off more and more frequently since the night that Leanna Vamp investigated with us. On this night, Willie and one of the ladies investigating was in that area and she said "There's nothing in here". Just as soon as she said that, as if proving her wrong, the alarm started to sound. They were able to get the alarm to turn off after a few moments, but by the end of the night it was going off again- with that same woman in the Gribble House area!

For his last investigation of 2016, Willie was our lead on Wednesday night with a fantastic group. A few in the crowd were skeptics but for the most part everyone was already convinced of paranormal activity.

One of the groups that came in that night was a family of nine who Willie initially split up but who rejoined together in the free time at the end of the night. They make contact with a spirit who called himself Dave, who spoke to them about his wrongful accusation- of what, they never found out. He told them "Didn't do it". They also spoke with a Jim, and a Jack who gave them some light EMF activity at the Stage Area. Dave did follow them throughout the building, making contact with them in almost every hot spot they entered.

Kelley took over as the lead investigator on Thursday night with a pretty big group of folks. The Spirit Box was super active on this night and the investigators were able to capture some stellar EVPs- some that were pretty creepy!

Certain words kept coming through the Spirit Box over and over on this night. They heard "Sick" a lot, on it's own and in phrases like "He's sick". Other words like "Suffering" and "Ill" came through.

They also heard a more than usual number of names come through the Spirit Box. They heard Bob, Paul, Jesus, David, William, Ken, Tony, Fred, Doug, Paul, Steve, Jim, Vincent, and a few times they heard the name Ann. Kelley captured some great audio, and you can listen to it here:

The mysterious alarm went off more than usual on this night. It went off once while the investigators were there in the building briefly, and again when Kelley was closing up for the night. It went off once more, Kelley could hear, as she was driving away from the building. So strange.

Again on Friday night, Kelley was our lead investigator. Before the investigators arrived that night, Kelley had some strange activity in the Slave Quarters as she was setting up. Out of the corner of her eye she could see some movement and as she looked quickly she could see a shadow person in the room. That same shadowy figure (or perhaps another) was seen later on in the night by the investigators.

A lot of the voices that came through the Ghost Box on this evening were female voices and one of the conversations that came through the Spirit Box wasn't between the investigators and the spirits but sounded like it was between a male and female spirit.

They heard the word "Energy" come through, and before they could ask a question they heard "The doctor had some... doctor... think". One of the investigators then asked "Why do you need a doctor" and they heard "It's medical" as the reply. "Why do you need medical attention" they asked. "He is going to help" came the response, followed by "No survivors".

Finally, on New Years Eve, Ted was our lead investigator with a pretty big group of investigators who wanted to ring in the New Year with us at the Gribble! Everyone was pretty excited to investigate, having already seen the Gribble House episode of Ghost Adventures.

They started the night off in the Slave Quarters and it seemed like right off the bat they weren't very welcome. They said "Let's start in the Slave Quarters" and they heard "Dont. Leave" come in. Then they asked "Do you want us to leave" and they heard "Yes", as the reply. As they sat in that hot spot they kept hearing the word "Whore" come through in reply to many of their questions in the same voice over and over. The investigators asked "Who is here besides us", and "Phillip" came through once in a man's voice and then in a woman's voice. "What happened to you"? "Died".

When they moved to the Residual Area they started to ask a few more challenging questions. They kept hearing "Sit" come through the Spirit Box, and on more than one occasion the metal folding chairs in the area would move very slightly- once with one of the investigators sitting in it! One of the investigators asked "What color are my socks" and they heard "Orange" come through, which was correct.

Happy New Years, everyone! We look forward to another fantastic year of investigations and activity! If you've got anything to share, tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!