Monday, March 19, 2018

Investigation Update 3.19.2018

Amazing amazing, albeit short week of investigations in the Gribble House. Because of the craziness of downtown Savannah during Saint Patrick's Day, we decided to be like the snakes of Ireland and get away from it all and left the building to be investigated another day! But we started our week off with three excellent investigations with both Kelley and Kaitlyn taking the lead. So, here's what happened...

Kelley took over on the 11th of the month with four folks who indeed found a great deal of activity in the building, especially with the Ovilus and the Ghost Meter Pros. The best results they had were with the Ovilus and the Spirit Box in conjunction with one another, as well as through the Ghost Meter Pros asking yes or no questions. There seemed to be two particular spirits in the building that wanted to make contact with them, namely a little six year old boy hanging out at the bottom of the stairs by the Slave Quarters who continually told them they were lost. Another voice chimed in when they were asking about the Gribble House murders who told them that a boyfriend, a husband, and a black man were all involved in the deaths.

There were some really interesting responses in the Slave Quarters, and some really cool babble that seemed inane but really had a lot to do with the building or the activity in Savannah. In particular the investigators heard the words "Green Holiday" come through the Spirit Box, an obvious reference to Saint Patrick's Day which was right around the corner. The investigators thought they heard the word "Wave" come through, so when they asked "Who's waving" they heard "The French". (The Gribble House sits on part of the site of the Siege of Savannah, just off of Tricentennial Park where a Franco-American force attempted and failed to drive the British out of the City).

Monday night had Kelley as the lead investigator again with an evening full of excellent Spirit Box sessions, although the action happening with the K-II wasn't so hot. More than anything, the investigators heard a great deal of names being called through the Spirit Box, whether or not they were asking for the names of those spirits in the building with them. They heard Karen, Devin, Paul, Wanda, Ingrid, Ann, Rick, Pete, Evan, Steven, Mike, Chloe, and Angel. When the name Angel came through, it was heard through two different Spirit Boxes at the exact same time.

An exceptionally spooky but really cool moment happened in the Gribble House when the investigators were looking around. Everyone saw apparitions in the windows by the Gribble House at the same moment. One of them asked "Is someone here" to which they heard the reply "Yes". "Is someone touching the red light", they asked. "We are here" came the reply.

Finally, Kaitlyn was our lead investigator on Thursday night with a great mixed group- both believers and skeptics. One of the key hallmarks of this evening was that same floral perfume that shows up frequently within the confines of the Gribble House. At least one of the guests, although not all of them, caught a whiff of that distinctive smell. It's always interesting how some of the investigators will smell the perfume unprompted or unaware of that occurrence, and no one else will.

There was one spirit in the Slave Quarters who seemed to be more talkative than others, but only with the women of the group. In fact, whenever the men would ask questions they would get absolutely no response from anything or anyone- not even the woman who was actively speaking with the other women. Turn out that this woman is over 65 years old, an answer that the investigators got by asking very specific questions.

So overall, a very good week! We are glad to be past Saint Patrick's Day so we can enjoy the Gribble House every night of the week. Come on and investigate with us if you are curious. If you've already been in the building and you have something you'd like to share, then please do! We'd love to see what you've got. Send it direct, or tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse so we can see.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Investigation Update 3.5.2018

What a really incredible couple of investigations we have just had in the building! The Gribble House has been rocking and rolling with activity and we pumped up to share it with you. So, here it is:

The Bridgette and Bill were back in the building and we were so glad to have our of our favorite pairs back again to investigate with us. The action in the building was really fantastic, and the evening started out in the Stage Area where they wanted to try to start off where they left off last time- they decided to ask Paul about his affair. When they asked him they heard "Affair" come through not one, but two different devices.

Many, many names were called through the Spirit Box, including Kelley, Susan, Ann, Phyllis, Poppa, Ken, Ben, David, Nelly, Linda, Trey, Phillip, and Matt. When the investigators asked "Who turned my phone off", they heard the name "Blaine" as the reply.

There were some really interesting replies to the questions asked that night, as well as replies to just regular conversation. They said "This might be out last time coming here to talk to you", to which they heard "The next time you're not coming here". So cool!

Kaitlyn took over as lead investigator on the 23rd with five people who were all excited to be in the building with her. The overarching theme of the night seemed to be children, in fact, one of the women commented that she seemed to be able to feel the presence of children around her all night long, and the voices of children came through frequently through the Spirit Box.

There also seemed to be a lot of interesting and unexplained temperature drops happening around the building. When the investigators were in the Gribble House area, the temperature inexplicably dropped by more than ten degrees and continued to drop. Amazing!

Over all, Kaitlyn noted that the building seemed to have a strange and unpleasant feeling to it. Throughout the course of the night, she was dizzy and felt drained of her energy any time she crossed the threshold into the back half of the building towards the Stage and Gribble House areas. A feeling that would go away as she traveled east in the building towards the front door...

When Kelley investigated again, it was with a group of ten folks, two of whom had been in the building once before. On this night, there seemed to be a lot of words coming through the Spirit Box unprompted including "Died", "Help", "Race it", "Player", "I'm from the beach", "Can't leave", "Stop", "Run", "Lighthouse", "They re talking through words", "Can't help me", and the "N" word.

In addition to the large amount of words coming through the Spirit Box, the amount of physical activity in the building was quite strong. Not only did the REM Pod go active several times in the night, there was also a large number of temperature drops all over the building. But what seemed to really top the entire night off was something that happened at the very end of the night. One of the ladies was walking her way back up to the front of the building to the Safe Room, and she was the only one left in the building at the time. As she was coming towards the front of the space, she was startled and scared by the sound of footsteps following along behind her...

Kelley took over again on the 27th of the month with a pair that were new to paranormal investigating, but were not new to the paranormal. In fact, before the night started, the told Kelley about several instances with their family members who live in haunted houses. Throughout the entire evening, the pair of them had some very strong, very distinct EMF action around them, and one spirit in particular with a Northeastern accent seemed to be following them around.

Another voice that seemed to follow them was the voice of a frantic sounding female. They heard her come through in many of the different hot spots yelling the word "Help"!

Maybe the most interesting part of the night were the two particular names that kept coming through the Ovilus- Bob, and Pat. These just so happened to be the names of the guest investigators' parents.

On Friday this past week, Kaitlyn was the lead investigator. On this night, the investigators started in the Gribble House area for a very specific reason. As they were walking through the building that night checking out and going over each hot spot, the investigators noticed that their phones started glitching and going very strange as they were in the Gribble House area.

While the investigators were in that area, they were getting really good responses via the Ghost Meter Pro, but what was really strange was what was going on OUTSIDE of the hot spot. It sounded like there was some really strange knocking on metal going on. Kaitlyn went out to see what was going on, and no more of that noise came through.

That is, until the investigators moved into the Slave Quarters. While the investigators were listening to the Spirit Box chattering away, that same metallic knocking sound came through again. Following the metal knock was clearly the words "They're here". This was followed by a deep temperature drop and chills all around.

On Saturday and Sunday night, Kelley was our lead investigator again. On Saturday, it seemed again as if the Temperature Drops were a highlight of the evening. At one point, the temperature dipped down to 66.6 degrees. When Kelley made a comment about the temperature hitting that number, it dropped again by another .3 degrees.

Lots of names again on this night. They heard Colby, Alex, Vincent, Carol, Winston, Tom, Cannon, Jim, Tim, Seth, and Annette. But there were also some really cool single words and phrases that came through including "The light", "Bodies", "Come help", "We're okay", "It will hit the raid", "Naughty teenagers", "I'm sick", "Beach" and "Gribble".

It seemed like some of the replies coming through the Spirit Box were a little bit cheeky this night. One of the investigators asked "Do you like visitors" and they heard the reply of "I can't wait until you leave". But then, some of the replies seemed sad. They said "If you are happy, why are you still here", to which they heard the reply of "It was the men... died here".

Finally, on Sunday night, Kelley took over again with a big group of ladies who had been in the building before, and this time came with their Dowsing Rods to catch some more activity- which seemed to be really successful! In fact, at one moment in the Slave Quarters, the investigators heard "Been here before" come through the Spirit Box, which was really cool. Each and every one of them had their names come through during the night, and one of the voices that came through said that she knew the investigator named Tammy.

There was a really fantastic conversation that happened with the Spirit Box. "Shay, You just said my name, do you know me", followed by "Probably". Then one of the investigators said "How old are you" to which they heard "Old". "Did you say old", "Too old". How funny!

How about that? We really had some great investigations recently! Feel free to share your stories with us by tagging us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Investigation Update 2.19.2018

Happy Presidents Day to you all! It is starting to look like our normal and beloved Savannah again, with streets full of folks who've come to town to enjoy the ambiance, and mystery, of the Hostess City. We had a fantastic week of investigations this past seven days and we can't wait to share the evidence with you. So, here it is:

Kelley started our week of this past week with Willie with her. Before the night had really stared in full, one of the ladies investigating felt as though the spirits were connecting with her heart chakra and she felt as though she needed to go because she was a little too welcome in the building. When she asked "What do you want from me" inside her own head she heard a voice (that wasn't hers) say in reply "Your soul". That was all she need to feel like her night was over. The other investigations, however, stuck it out and ended up catching some really exciting activity.

It seemed like a lot of the vocal activity happening through the Spirit Box was daring and a bit challenging. When one of the investigators asked the spirits to touch the Raggedy Ann doll's right hand, it happened immediately. However, when they said "I'm going to take this doll away forever if you don't touch me and show me you are here" they heard a little child's voice call out "Me?!". Then they said "Scratch me and show me you are here" to which the reply was "Make me".

The language coming through was challenging, as well, which seemed to be the response to the provocative questions being asked by the investigators. They heard "F*ck you" and "F*ck yourselves" as well as several "Shut up"s and "Get out"s.

Kelley took over again on Tuesday night, which just so happened to be Galentine's Day. This was pretty appropriate as we had a group of four ladies come into the building to investigate that night. However, the action started before the girls ever arrived in the space. Kelley was getting the building ready for the night and was up front in the Safe Room when it happened- she looked over towards where the water cooler is and swore she could see someone sitting, plain as day, on the bench there. It was so clear that she jumped knowing that she was the only person who was supposed to be in the building. Of course, no one was actually there.

The SB-7 was off the charts chatty on this night with the girls investigating. There seemed to be a large number of words coming through that didn't seem to have anything to do with what the girls were asking, but many of them seemed to be answering questions of one another. They heard Hung, They're Sitting, Help Me, B*tch, Drunk, Rape, Asshole, Bullshit, Gribble House, Home, Mom, Dad, Cried, Help, Soldiers, Hello, I'm cold, and eerily enough, the phrase "Do it" kept coming through in a child's voice.

When they asked about they child they said "I hear a child's voice, how old are you"? The reply they heard was "10". "Are you touching the doll's hand" and they heard "Yep", to which they probed more, "Are you touching the red light" and heard the small voice say "Red".

Valentine's Day had Kelley again as the lead with a pretty big group of folks. The defining feature of the night was the large number of children's voices that were coming through, which may have had something to do with the fact that there were some younger kids investigating that night with them. They also heard the words "Letters" and "Send" come through in succession many, many times in the building, which was pretty cool- it conjured up visions of love letters for Valentine's Day.

Although some of the moments seemed sweet, like the thoughts of love letters, there were some awfully creepy moments, as well. At one point, it seemed like there were several child's voices that came together to cry out "Help us" in unison, which was eerie and chill enduing.

There seemed to be a "Yellow Fever" vibe in the building that night, with the word "Yellow" coming through a few times. One of the investigators asked "Did you die from Yellow Fever" and "Yep" was the reply. What furthered this idea was that the word "Quarantine" came through the Ovlius without prompting.

Kaitlyn took over on Thursday night and she started the investigators off at the Stage Area. It was there that the action started in earnest when one of the ladies investigating noticed that the camera on her phone was going off and taking photos all on its own. That happened over and over without her touching it, even when she started to use the Ovilus as a way to redirect the attention of whatever was using her phone without asking. The Ovilus started to show words on the screen, but her phone also continued to snap photos every few seconds. Amazing!

The other set of guests investigating were moving from hot spot to hot spot getting activity as they moved about, but it seemed like a big chunk of the action happened for them as they were moving. It was in the center of the building that they heard one of their owns names come through the Spirit Box and they stopped to ask some questions. There, they also heard the name James come through and they were able to make some conversation with him. "How old are you, James", they asked, to which they heard the reply of "12".

As her phone continually went off, the lady who decided to focus on the Ovilus really had some meaningful responses with the device- so much so that Kaitlyn wrote in her report that "(she" was having the most meaningful Ovilus responses I have ever seen here at Gribble". She did seem to get some seemingly random words, but for the most part the Ovilus showed her words that directly responded to the questions she was asking, as her phone camera continued to snap away.

Finally, we had two really great investigations on Saturday night with Kelley taking over as lead again. The Ovilus seemed to show the word "Soldiers" more than normal on this night, and there were many, many names being shouted out throughout the course of the night, even when the investigators did not specifically ask for any names. They heard Vince, Vincent, Matt, Benny, Timmy, Paul, Matsu, James, and the full name of Jack Hutchinson.

When the investigators were in the Slave Quarters, there were a few really cool moments, especially with two of the pieces of equipment syncing up, or "sinking"up, rather. The EMF Detector was placed near the sink behind the curtains while the investigators were asking their questions. They asked the spirits to make the device flash all the way up to red, and at the same moment that it happened, the Spirit Box called out the word "Sink". They also heard the mysterious words "Tree house" and "Hickory" which seemed to have nothing to do with what the investigators were talking about, but were really interesting.

There were also a few full phrases, and some short phrases that came through that were very interesting to hear. Through the Spirit Box they heard "That is cancer", "Weak threat", "Camp Sumter" and "It's hard for me".

The last investigation of the week was the second investigation of Saturday night, and it was full of really great EMF action, just as the first investigation of the night had been. Every single device that detected electromagnetic fields was catching energy in the building almost the entire time, just as if the building has gained some electric energy from the first investigation to the second. Although there was plenty coming through the Spirit Box, the majority of it were soft phrases that were a little hard to hear. Kelley encouraged her investigators (just as she does with each investigation) to record their sessions so they could go back later on with headphones and catch anything they may have missed in real time.

It seemed like there was a lot of running commentary through the Spirit Box that night that was responding to the conversations that the investigators were having. Kelley was looking over to the Gribble House and they heard "House" come through, when just a few moments later one of the investigators suggested that they moved to another area. "Come back" came through as a reply to that suggestion. Finally, as if encouraging them to stay where they where they heard "The light will change", adding more commentary to their conversation.

The Gribble House hot spot was violent and abrasive this night, much more than usual. When the investigators walked into that area they asked if there were any children in that space. The reply they heard was a stern and angry deep male voice telling them to "Leave"! "Were there any ladies murdered here" to which they heard the reply of "They are four feet deep". "How many murders were there", "Hundred, about fifty" was the reply. They decided to ask "Can the children come out and play", to which they heard the matter of fact but nonetheless unsettling, "Unfortunately, they are dead".

Like we said, a really great week of action in the Gribble House! If you've been with us recently and have anything to share, feel free to tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse so we can see it, or send it direct via our social media platforms- we can't wait to see it.