Sunday, May 22, 2016

Investigation Update 5.22.2016

Wow! What a rainy week it was in Savannah. That didn't stop us from having some great investigations in the Gribble House, though. Here's what's been going on...

Last Sunday night, Kelley was our lead investigator with a great group. While there was only a little Rem Pod and K-II Meter activity, there was a LOT of Spirit Box and Ghost Meter Pro activity going on in the building.

In the Gribble House, there were quite a few moments of intelligent conversation, without any questions being asked. One of the ladies investigating had just taken a sip of water from their bottle, and through the Ghost Box they heard "Water" come through. When they did ask the names of the spirits who were in that area with them, they heard Tori, Herb, Haley, Jenny, and Lois. One of the investigators asked "Where are you?", and the response they got was "At Pete's".

When they moved into the Slave Quarters, the investigators tried some direct questioning in response to what they saw coming up on the Ovilus screen and what they heard through the Spirit Box. One of the investigators heard the name Chris come through, so they asked "Is that you?". "Yes", was the response. Over the Ovilus they saw the word Bible come up. "Are you religious?", they asked. "Yes".

Kelley took the lead again on Monday night with a couple who came to Savannah from Nashville. They had been on a few paranormal investigations there, but this was their first time using a Spirit Box. Despite it being their first time with the device, there was a lot of activity coming through on it!

There seemed to be children's voices coming through the Spirit Box in a lot of different areas of the building that night. While in the Gribble House area, the investigators asked if there were any children near them, and said "Raggedy Ann is here with us", meaning the Doll. Through the Spirit Box they heard "Look at Ann" come through. Cool!

In the Residual Area, the investigators made contact with a spirit who called himself Scott. When they asked Scott where he was, he told them he was "Hiding" from the "Party" "Upstairs". The investigators were unclear exactly what he meant, so they repeated it. "You're hiding upstairs from the party?", they asked. "I was". While this exchange was going on, the Ghost Meter Pro Kelley had set up on the stairs nearby was flashing like mad.

On Tuesday night, Ted was our lead investigator. There seemed to be a lot of physical activity taking place in the building, and not just in the usual hot spots.

When everyone was at the Stage Area, one of the investigators was watching the Close Circuit cameras on the screen. Paul was being his normal abrupt self when the investigator at the TV noticed the green "Running Man" symbol appear in the corner of Channel 6, to indicate that movement was taking place there. He could clearly see a shadow moving next to the Gribble House door, even though everyone was on the Stage.

In the Slave Quarters, another investigator named Jolene had her own moment of physical activity. Although she was sitting still and not moving around, she felt as if there were spider webs touching her face. This continued even after she brushed off her face. A few minutes later, when she moved into another seat closer to the curtains, she felt a distinct cold spot growing beside her. This was documented using the Digital Thermometer.

Another moment of physical activity took place while everyone was in the Residual Area. The investigators were making contact with a spirit who called himself Bob, who told them about his children. As they were asking him questions through the Ghost Box, they heard a loud bang underneath one of the windows. "Was that you Bob", they asked? "Yes", was the response.

Kait was our lead investigator on Wednesday evening. On this night, everyone started out in the Slave Quarters, where the activity began right away. As soon as they walked in, carrying the Raggedy Ann doll they heard "Ann" come through the Ghost Box and she began to flash. During their stay in the Slave Quarters, there were some pretty drastic temperature drops- all documented using the Digital Thermometer.

The temperature fluctuations seemed to be the theme of the night. Almost every hot spot experienced these drastic changes- like someone was moving the temperature gauge up and down. It became such a regular occurrence that Kait suggested to the investigators that they ASK the spirits to make the temperature change. Although Kait hadn't seen anyone successfully do that in a while, she asked them to give it a go- and it worked! While in the Gribble House area, the investigators asked the spirits to drop the temperature and it immediately happened. Awesome.

On Friday evening, Kaitlyn was our lead investigator. On this night, the groups split up into two. One of the groups started out at the Stage Area where they had a very interesting conversation with a spirit who would not tell them his name. He did tell them that he was a "Soldier". When they asked him what war he fought in, the response they heard was "The worst". There were two very distinct voices coming through at the Stage Area. The first was that soldier, and the second was that of a woman. The woman, however, did not have conversation with them. Instead, the only word they heard her say over and over was "Here".

The Slave Quarters was fairly interesting on Friday night for two big reasons. The first is because of the strange breeze that was flowing through the room. The odd thing about that is the room is completely sealed, and that the investigators could not find a source anywhere that it could have been coming from. And, although they could feel the cool breeze going past them, the investigators could not document a temperature drop, either.

The highlight of the night, though, was definitely with the Slave Quarters door, which is very large and heavy metal. The first group of investigators was sitting in there, and after just a few minutes in the space with the door closed, the door very quietly unlatched itself and began to come open. Kaitlyn asked "Are you, the spirits, moving the door"? Just after she asked this the Ghost Meter Pro sitting on one of the folding metal chairs began to flash wildly. One of the investigators got up and closed the door again and asked the spirit to open it again- to prove they are there. As she shined her flashlight onto the door, the investigators could distinctly see the knob turning and door unlatching again...

Saturday night was great with Kelley and two investigations. The first investigation had some pretty fantastic Ghost Meter Pro, Spirit Box, and Raggedy Ann activity.

When the groups entered the Slave Quarters on this night, they had a pretty chilling moment right away. Their Spirit Box had been quiet as they moved from hot spot to hot spot, but as soon as they entered the Slave Quarters there was distinct, and terrifying screaming coming from the device. This was followed by the word "Help." "Who needs help", one investigator asked. "Carl" was the reply.

In the Gribble House, they had some really good Question and Answer time. They heard quite a few "Help"s come through here, as well, so one investigator asked "Why do you need help". "Can't... captain... the ship" came through. Another investigator asked "What year is it", and they heard "20...16" as the response. Pretty neat.

The second investigation went pretty great, as well. One of the groups that investigated were a mother and daughter pair. The mom had investigated with us three years ago, but her daughter was too young then. Although Mom was a repeat investigator, it seems as though Paul wasn't that happy to see her. She had made contact with a spirit named Michael the last time she was here, but he did not contact her last night. Instead, she had Paul and Joe talking to her and her daughter throughout the night. Paul called her some pretty insensitive names, including Witch, and Bitch, and even told the two of them to "Piss off". However, another male spirit was more polite. When the daughter said "Thank you" after receiving a response, through the Spirit Box they heard "Sweet".

There was one particular female voice that both groups heard all over the building during the second investigation. It was distinct, but kept saying the same word over and over- "Purse".

The other group who investigated with us that night had one investigator, Tom, who heard his name called through the Ghost Box in several areas of the building. When they asked who they were speaking to, they heard the names Steve, Michael, Joe, and Rita. They also heard someone call out "I'm nuts" through the Spirit Box.

It was a great week for us, and everyone who came and investigated the Gribble House with us. If you've got anything you'd like to share, from audio to photos, please do so. Tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse, or send it direct!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Investigation Update 5.15.2016

Another great week for us at the Gribble House! Here's just some of the evidence we collected this week...

Kelley was our lead investigator on the Sunday night of Mother's Day. The Doll, Spirit Box, and Ghost Meter Pro, but no K-II or REM Pod activity, which was sort of odd. Kelley took a lot of photos, but she didn't capture any orbs. Another investigator that night, though, captured tons of them! In one image, there seem to be dozens of little blue lights- sort of like fireflies. Another image she captured has a full apparition of a man with brown, curly hair, lamb-chop side burns, and a large nose. You could even see the bell bottoms he was wearing!

Quite a few names came through the Ghost Box that evening. They heard Ashley, Helen, Joey, Nate, Frances, Tom, Wilfred, Nanette, and Steve. They also heard a few phrases come through several times. They heard "Lost" come through the Spirit Box three times, and then "There's five" was heard multiple times in different hot spots of the building.

At the Stage Area, there was a female voice that kept making contact with them. They asked "Why are you here" and she replied "Freedom". This was followed by "The camp", and "My baby" in the same female voice.

Kelley took the lead again on Monday night. There seemed to be quite a few female and children voices coming through the Spirit Box that evening. The Gribble House hot spot was really quiet, but there was a lot of activity in the rest of the building.

At the Stage Area, two of the guests had their names called through the Ghost Box- Peggy and Adam. A child spirit made contact with them, and they managed to have a really good Question and Answer session with him. They asked him his name and the reply was "Andy". They asked him "Where are you", and the response they heard was "Underneath". While they were conducting the Q&A, another group investigating was asking "Do you like us being here?". The response they got through the Spirit Box was "Annoying noise".

On Tuesday night, Kait was our lead investigator. On this night, everyone started off in the Slave Quarters. There seemed to be a LOT of temperature fluctuations going on, along with a good bit of activity happening with the Raggedy Ann doll. When they moved into the Gribble House area, there was another drastic temperature drop just as soon as they passed over the threshold.

There were quite a few names coming through the Ghost Box that night, and a good number of them were directly related to those people who were investigating. Kait had her named called through the Ghost Box, as did one of the investigators, Emily. Through the night they heard the name Andrew come across a number of times, as well as Steve, Garrett, Carrie, Paul, William, and the name of one of the investigator's deceased brothers.

Paul was not very kind at the Stage Area. One woman in particular recieved the brunt of his foul language, repeatdly calling her a "B*tch". He did answer a few questions, though. They asked him what had happened to his store, and through the Ghost Box they heard "Burned down".

Kelley was our lead investigator once again on Wednesday night with a really great crew. There was good activity all over the building that night. One of the investigators, Morgan, had her named called through the Spirit Box several times, and even had her middle name, Stacia, called out. Really cool,

One female voice was very prevalent throughout the building and throughout the night. In quite a few of the hot spots, her voice came through the Spirit Box and said "They're coming". In the Gribble House area, when they asked how many spirits were with them, they heard "Seven", "Eight", and then "Ten". Then they asked "How many little boys are here", and the response they heard was "Three". One of the investigators said he was going to walk out of the Gribble House area to look around the building, and they heard "Go", followed by "Go back in" come through.

There were some strange movements going on in the building that night- and almost all of it happened in the Slave Quarters. One of the groups of investigators were using the Raggedy Ann doll, and they asked "Can you move the doll". Everything was motionless for a minute, and then she did actually move! A little bit later on, another male investigator went into the Slave Quarters to investigate on his own. Apparently while he was in there, the curtain moved from behind a folding metal chair to in front of it...

Kaitlyn was our lead investigator on Thursday night. Although there was no EMF activity that night, and the investigators didn't have any luck trying to entice the spirits to use the flashlights, there was a TON of activity in the building.

They started out the evening in the Slave Quarters, and made contact with a child spirit pretty quickly. They asked "Who is with us tonight" and through the Spirit Box they heard a child's voice say "Here". That same child's voice came through a few times, but it was difficult to tell what he was saying. When they asked "Are you a girl or a boy", there didn't seem to be a response- that is, until about five minutes later when a loud and clear "BOY" was called through the Ghost Box. Kaitlyn decided to ask if the spirits would like to use the Ghost Meter Pro, blinking once for yes and twice for no. The device flashed once for yes, and then promptly shut off completely.

In the Residual Area, they had more activity with the Ghost Meter Pros, blinking once for yes and twice for no. The investigators thought they heard the name Carol, or Carolina called through the Ghost Box, so they asked "Who is Caroline". The response they got through the Ghost Box started out loud and strong, but as the sentence went on it got softer and softer- "The lady in white"...

When everyone moved into the Stage Area, one of the investigators heard his name come through the Spirit Box as soon as they walked up- really cool! Kaitlyn was letting the investigators work on their own for a little bit, and was watching the Closed Circuit televisions for any movement. While they were using the Ghost Box and Ghost Meter Pros behind her, she could see a huge figure walk across Camera Six on the screen.

Kait and Kaitlyn were our lead investigators on Friday night with three really great groups of investigators. The first group started out in the Gribble House area. Their activity started right away when trying to use the EMF detector. As they tried to use the devices, their speaker kept turning off! Kait even changed the batteries, but it didn't seem to help.

This group moved into the Slave Quarters and they heard from several spirits who made contact, but only fleetingly. One of those spirits was Charlie, who told them his name but nothing else. They also heard from a spirit who called himself Forrest. Forrest told him that he had something to tell them, but they never found out what.

The other group started their evening in the Slave Quarters. When they walked in and said "Hello", though the Ghost Box they heard "Hola" in response. They had a lot of different physical kinds of activity. There was a really drastic temperature drop- almost a full ten degrees! One of the women who investigated felt like she was being touched. One lady felt as though someone was putting pressure on her back while in the Slave Quarters. This pressure continued as they moved into the Gribble House and Stage areas.

There was some really good Spirit Box activity that matched up with their K-II Meters. While in the Slave Quarters area, they asked "Who is here?". The response they heard was "Slave", and "Light". "Did you go to the light" they asked . "No". One of the investigators mentioned that perhaps the spirits were protecting something or someone. They decided to ask "Why are you here?". The response they heard was "It's safe". Very interesting.

And finally, Kelley was our lead investigator on Saturday night. The Gribble House are seemed to be really quiet, but the other hot spots were very active. Two of the groups investigating had a really interesting moment while one group was at the Stage Area and the other group was in the Slave Quarters. The one group was looking at the images of the murderers at the Stage Area when the word "Walls" came through the Ghost Box. At the exact same time, the group in the Slave Quarters also had the word "Walls" come through their Ghost Box. How cool!

In the Slave Quarters, the Raggedy Ann doll was pretty active. She was flashing on and off, but not nonstop. But, there was a distinct cold area around the Doll. Using the Digital Thermometer, the investigators documented a cold spot right around her. One of the investigators sitting near her could feel what seemed like a cold hand touching her.

One of the ladies investigating, Dex, had her name called through the Ghost Box. She asked, "How can you know my name", and the response they got was "A race".

It was a really great week for us and everyone who came into the Gribble House. If you have any activity, images, or audio you'd like to share with us, go ahead! You can use the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse.