Sunday, July 24, 2016

Investigation Update 7.24.2016

Hello and Happy Sunday! It's been an awesome week in the Gribble House. Here's some of what's been going on-

The start of our week was Sunday, and Willie was our lead investigator. On this evening, Willie had a mother and son team to investigate with, as well as a couple, and a super enthusiastic bachelorette group.

By far, the most active piece of equipment that night was the EMF Detector- especially in the Gribble House hot spot. Willie set one of EMF Detectors up on the railing just between the Stage and the Gribble and it was going off like mad throughout the entire night. The names of the investigators kept coming through the Ghost Box, as well. Two of the ladies in the bachelorette party had their names called, as did the mom. Pretty cool!

Willie took the lead again on Monday night with a family of four, and a couple who are ghost hunting professionals. The couple came completely prepared to explore the building, bringing their own Ovilus and MEL Meter.

For the first time in a long time for Willie, the REM Pod went off in the building! During the history portion of the pre-investigation, Willie had it set up right in front of the gate near the Gribble House hot spot. It started going off and on for about ten minutes before it was quiet again for the rest of the evening. So strange.

The couple investigating had some incredible luck with their MEL Meter and Ovilus- some of the most words coming up on the screen of the Ovilus they had ever had in an investigation. Their MEL Meter was just as active, flashing all the way up to 7 at some times. The family, who had their two daughter with them, had some fantastic activity around them, too. The mom had her named called through the Ghost Box, and one of the daughters was touched.

Kait was our lead investigator on Monday night this past week. They started their evening in the Slave Quarters, where the Raggedy Ann doll was flashing steadily throughout the entire time the investigators were in there. It seemed like the Raggedy Ann doll and the EMF Detector were flashing in congruence with one another.

One of the groups made contact with Carrie in the Gribble House area, as well as a spirit who called himself David. Carrie communicated with the investigators using the EMF Detector and was answering questions by making the device flash- sometimes all the way up to the red. One of the investigators asked Carrie if she was heartbroken, and the device went up to red. Each time they talked about her having a broken heart, the device would flash.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators made contact with a spirit who told them that he was a "Slave". Through a string of words coming through the Spirit Box, they heard that the slave spirit had "Runaway" but had gotten "Caught".

Kelley took the lead on Wednesday night, kicking off her week with us. On this night, it seemed like the Spirit Box was the most popular piece of equipment. There were some really great back and forths with this device. Female voices kept trying to come through, and it seemed like there were several male spirits following around the ladies in the building.

The Slave Quarters was very active that night. They asked "Do you have any children", and the response was "Six". "Did you own slaves", they asked. "I did" came the reply. "How did you treat your slaves" they asked then. "Nice". Just after this, a long and painful scream was heard coming through the Ghost Box.

The other group investigating had just as much activity in the Slave Quarters. They asked for names and heard Vincent, Ian, Rob, Patrick, Jeff, AJ, Ted, Paul, and Tom. The Spirit Box was super active for these investigators, as well. They asked "Can you move the doll", to which they heard "Can't... no". Then they asked "Do you need help". "Yes... sure". Finally they asked "How did you die". To this they heard a loud and urgent "WHAT?" come through, followed by "Sick".

On Friday night, Kelley was our lead investigator with some great folks and some great action. Certain words came through the Ghost Box several times. They heard "Leave", "What", "Blink", and strangely "Wood Shed".

Lots of names came through the Ghost Box when the investigators asked "Who is here with us". They heard Kelley, Gary, Paul, Peter, Steve, David Tyler, Charles, Steve, and Paul. But, when the investigators had asked who is with us, the Ovilus wasn't showing names, but some pretty disturbing words. They saw Foe, Enemy, and Demon.

One of the groups, four ladies, seemed to have a few spirits that were following them around the building, specifically one very deep male voice. They heard him in almost every hot spot of the building. They also had a very interesting phrase come through the Ghost Box in the Residual Area. One of the girls noticed that the K-II Meter was flashing and she asked "Where is the ghost guy making it go off?". Through the Spirit Box they heard a faint "Facing the chair". So cool!

Finally, Kelley was our lead again on Saturday night through two awesome investigations. There was a lot of energy buzzing around the building, with the investigators AND the devices. Everyone heard the word "Leave" and the name Tom, and everyone heard the investigator Zoe's name come through, which is pretty cool. The same male voice came through for all three groups saying the same word- "Sick".

There was some pretty foul language coming through the Spirit Box all over the building. They heard "Bitch", "Asshole", "Whore" and "Idiot". When the investigators mentioned that there was some nasty language coming through, they heard the curious word "Friend" as a reply. "Friend" they asked. "Sure", came through not once, but twice.

The second investigation was just as awesome. During this investigation, they heard the names Ash, Steve, Grace, Orville, Enoch, John, and Paul come through. The Ovilus was flashing some strange words, too. They saw Catholic Ghost, Idiot, Predict, and Truck in the Gribble House area, and then in the Slave Quarters they read Harvest, Past, Bible, and Lift It.

In the Slave Quarters, the "N" word came through a lot more than usual. The investigators asked "Are there any slaves here", to which they heard the "N" word as a response. The word peppered the rest of the conversation, even when other responses were coming through. Children's voices started coming through, so they asked "Do you like the birds". "Yea", a child's voice replied. "Are you alone", they asked the child. "Yea, I are", they replied, in the same child's voice. So sad.

Lots of activity, and lots of happy investigators- that means a good week for us! If you see any images of yourself- tag it! We don't mind! If you have any images, audio, or video, we'd love to see it. Share it through a direct message, or tag us using the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse. See you next week!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Investigation Update 7.17.2016

It was a lovely week in Savannah, not as super warm as it's been recently. Our investigations have been just as hot, thought- full of activity and energy! Here's some of what has been happening...

Willie was our lead investigator on Sunday night. Everyone who investigated with him were believers, not a single skeptic among them. Even before the official investigation began, while everyone was learning the history of the building and the murders that took place, one of the investigators snapped a photo of the sign that says "Gribble House Paranormal Experience". Right in front of the word "Gribble" was a massive orb- pretty cool.

In the Slave Quarters, the investigators had a lot of luck with the Spirit Box. At one point, they asked "How many people are in this room"? There were only two people in there, but the Spirit Box response they got was "Three". Did the spirit count himself? When it came time to leave the Slave Quarters, the investigators thanked the spirits for conversing with them. Over the Spirit Box they heard "Thank you" come back. 

Willie took the lead again on Monday night, and again had a big group of believers to investigate with. They were ready and raring to go, and were big fans of the ghost hunting television shows. On this night, it seemed like the Gribble House was the most active hot spot of the evening. The investigators had leaned an EMF Detector against the gate and had great luck having the device flash using yes and no questions. 

Two of the groups investigating during free time were standing together near the Stage Area while the other group was in the Slave Quarters. As they were watching out into the expanse of the building, all of a sudden they saw a black shape dart across the entire span of area- from one corner to another. Everyone saw this happen at the same time. The other group that were in the Slave Quarters experienced some intense goosebumps at almost the same time, while another group heard the tapping of heavy footsteps. Creepy!

On Tuesday night, Kait was our lead investigator. On this evening, the Raggedy Ann doll was pretty active- especially in the Slave Quarters. As they spent time in that hot spot, the doll was flashing pretty consistently. When they asked who was touching her, they heard a little boy's voice come through and say "Stephen". Stephen told them that he was "Six" years old, and when they asked him to, he even made the EMF Detector go off. While they were talking to Stephen, one of the young ladies investigating got very light headed. The spirits didn't seem too concerned about her, though. After she mentioned her wooziness, through the Ghost Box they heard "Too bad", rather sarcastically.

The Raggedy Ann doll was very active in the Gribble House area, too. Stephen had followed them to that hot spot and continued to make her flash. Another little both spirit, who wouldn't tell them his name, made Ann flash too- all the way up. In addition to the Raggedy Ann activity, the investigators caught the scent of floral perfume, as over the Ghost Box they heard the word "Gribble". 

Once again, Kait was our lead on Wednesday night. The Slave Quarters were very active on this night, but for some reason, the phrases and words coming through the Spirit Box were very garbled- as if the spirits were having a hard time getting up the strength to respond. Although the Spirit Box was hard to understand, the Raggedy Ann doll was active in this hot spot. She was flashing with activity quite a bit. One of the investigators walked over and touched the Doll's hand, and over the Spirit Box they heard "Touch". Another investigator felt as if someone was touching her at the same time...

The Stage Area had more luck with the Spirit Box. At first it didn't seem like much was going to come through, until one of the investigators asked "Would you like us to stay or go"? Through the Ghost Box they heard "STAY" come through, loud and clear. The spirit who began to converse with them told the investigators that his name was "Mike. Through the Spirit Box, Mike told them that he had been "Killed" on a "Lane" in the area of the Gribble House, but then he was gone and they didn't hear from him again. 

Friday night had Ted as our lead investigator with a pair from New Jersey who were super excited to investigate. Although they had never really watched the ghost shows on television, they did a great job as first timers. 

It seemed like one of the spirits at the Stage Area were playing games with the investigators. When they first walked up and asked "Who is here tonight", the response they heard was "No one". "Tell us your name", they asked. "Shawn, John". "Is your name John", they asked then. "Si", came through in Spanish. So they then asked "Are you Spanish"? "You bet". "Can you say something in Spanish", they asked. "Hello". "That's not Spanish", the commented, to which the spirit replied "Cervesa". All of this came through in the same voice. Odd.

There were a ton of women's voices coming through in the Slave Quarters, and a lot of foul language. As they were walking through the doorway into the hot spot, they heard a woman's voice come through the Ghost Box and say "Go in", followed by someone yelling the f-word. Although the first woman welcomed them in, another female voice came across and said "Get out", and then "My head!". 

On Saturday night, Kelley was our lead investigator with two really fantastically active investigations. During the first investigation, almost all of the groups had some similar experiences. While they were in the Gribble House, they all heard quite a few "Helps" come through the Ghost Box. They all also made contact with a spirit who called himself Rick, as well as a voice that was gruff and deep. But everyone also had a lot of unique experiences!

Many names were coming through at the Stage Area, in response to the question "Can you tell us your names"? They heard Thomas, Eugene, Tim, Eunice, Rick, and Colin, which happened to be the name of one of the investigators. They also heard a full name come through- Ed Edgar. Pretty cool.

In the Residual Area, there seemed to be a theme with the various words and phrases coming through the Ghost Box. One of the groups seemed to be warned to get out of the building. They heard "Run", "Are you trying to leave", "Where are you trying to go", and "Get out". Another group had a lot of military phrases coming through, which is common for the Residual Area. They heard "French", "Blew up", "Cannon", "General", and "Grey". 

There was just as much high energy during the second investigation as the first. There were more than usual female voices coming through the Ghost Box, and these ladies seemed to be very chatty. Although many of them were answering the direct questions they were asked, many of the female voices came through saying what seemed like random words and phrases. 

Everyone had some fantastic EMF and K-II Meter activity going on in almost every hot spot of the building. They also heard the same full name come through the Ghost Box as the earlier investigation of the evening. They heard "Ed Edgar" come through once again. They also heard the name Mike, who told them that he had died in "Battle" with a Southern accent. 

Such a good week for us- we had some great people to investigate with and we collected some great evidence. If you had any images, audio, or video that you'd like to share with us, you can either direct message or send it to As always, feel free to tag us with the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse, and tag yourself!