Sunday, September 24, 2017

Investigation Update 9.24.2017

This year has been zipping by! Summer is already gone and we are heading into fall weather, which in Savannah means you wear short sleeves instead of tank tops. Weather is cooling (marginally) but the action in the Gribble House is still hot, hot, hot. Here's a little bit of what we captured this week:

Willie was the lead investigator on Tuesday night with a pair of sisters who came prepared to investigate! One came equipped with a digital recorder and the other brought along a high quality digital camera- both to capture evidence with. The devices worked out well for them but they also experienced some really strange physical activity.

When the ladies were at the Stage Area with all the chairs arranged on the left side of the platform, one of the women was sitting down in the chair with her purse hanging at her side on her shoulder. Several times she felt the purse being pulled, hard, like someone was tugging on it. Very cool!

On Saturday night, Kaitlyn look the role of lead investigator for two really great investigations. The first had a pair who were really interested in spending time in the building. For Kaitlyn, the Gribble House hot spot really caused her some difficulty. While the investigators found the perfume scent in the area to be mild, for Kaitlyn it was so overpowering that she had to constantly leave the area because it was to the point of burning her nose. How strange.

While the investigators were moving towards the Gribble House area they heard the name Irma being called through the Spirit Box in three different voices (strange since we just came through Hurricane Irma here in Savannah). There seemed to be a good deal of phrases and words being spoken in the building that didn't seem to come from the Spirit Box. Not only did they hear a quietly whispered "Mommy", they also heard a man cry for help.

The second of the night and final investigation of the week had five ladies, several of which had been in the building just about two years ago. Everyone was super excited to get started. Throughout the course of the night, the ladies claimed that they could see from the corner of their eyes shadows moving around, especially while they were moving from place to place in the building.

When the investigators were on their way to the Stage Area, Kaitlyn sneezed and one of the investigators said "Bless you" at the same time that they heard the same words come through the Spirit Box. One of the ladies asked in French whether or not anyone in the building spoke French. Immediately they heard French words starting to come through the Spirit Box, including "Merci" and "Oui". When they asked how many spirits were in the building with them that night, although they did hear the number Four come through the Spirit Box, they also heard another voice call out "Many".

What a good week! Please feel free to share anything with us- video, audio, or photo. Send it direct or tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse tags.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Investigation Update 9.18.2017

After some intense technical difficulties last night we are finally back and ready to let you know what's been going on in the building! Irma came through in a much less destructive way than we had originally imagined, which was great, but it did put a damper on the activity happening in Savannah- meaning, the activity on the streets. The building was just as active if not more so from the weather turmoil happening outside! Since this report is coming to you a day late, we're going to include the fantastic investigation we had last night, too. So, here goes:

Our first investigation of the week was on Saturday night with Kelley as the lead investigator. She spent the evening with four people who ended up having some really fantastic Spirit Box activity coupled with great and relevant Ovilus replies. The Gribble House was really active on this evening, and when the investigators asked for the names of the spirits they were conversing with, it was rather unsettling to hear both the names Carrie and Maggie come through in female voices.

One of the items that was most focused on that night was the flashlight. The activity with the device started when the investigators were at the Stage Area and they heard the phrase "You need a flashlight" come through the Spirit Box. It seemed almost like the flashlight had a mind of its own and wasn't really working properly- intermittent flashing. The investigators decided to set the torch up on the yellow railing and it started to go on and off without anyone touching it. Right around the same time the REM Pod that was set up by the Gribble House Gate started to flash- sometimes both devices would flash at the exact same time.

When the investigators moved to the Residual Area, it seemed as though they made contact with a male solider spirit. They asked "What color is your uniform" and they heard "Cobalt" as the reply. That was followed by them asking "Is your uniform blue" and they heard the reply "Yes".

Last night, Sunday, Willie took over as the lead investigator with a couple who were in Savannah from New York for a wedding here in town and they were both really excited to be in the Gribble House that night- they told Willie they were looking for an experience and not just your regular run-of-the-mill ghost tour.

Something strange happened to the man that was investigating with them that night. He told Willie that when he went over to the Gribble House hot spot that his head started to ache, and aching that continued on for the rest of the evening in that one area. Willie and the couple eventually were able to make contact with a spirit who told them that his name was Bob. Bob fessed up to being the reason why the male investigator was getting dizzy and having head troubles.

It was a good week of action in the building with a lot of unique activity happening all over the space. If you collected any evidence of your own you'd like to share, please do so! Send it direct or tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse tags. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Investigation Update 9.3.2017

Happy Labor Day weekend, Gribble fans! As we promise every week, here is a little bit of the activity going on in Savannah, and in the Gribble House this past week...

Willie took the lead as investigator for the first two tours of the week. On Sunday night, the building seemed to be absolutely full of orbs that the investigators not only saw on the cameras, on their phone cameras and in their photographs, and even in real life.

The building seemed to be swarming with orbs! In addition to the super amped up orb activity, there also seemed to be a lot of REM Pod activity, but only after the first hour or so of the night. Before then, the device remained silent and still. Willie was curious to see how and why the REM Pod started to go off and it seemed as though it was in direct response to the Mother/ Daughter team that was in the Gribble House area and talking kindly to the spirits in the room with them.

The next night, Monday, Willie was the lead investigator again. On this evening, the activity started with the REM Pod at the top of the night as Willie was walking all the investigators through the Hot Spots. When they got over to the Gribble House gate where the REM Pod was placed. Willie said "Hello" and the device stayed quiet. However, when one of the investigators greeted the spirits by saying "Hello" the REM Pod started to flash. Cool!

One of the sets of investigators was walking around the building and not getting a lot of activity, so Willie went over to assist them and try to get a little base set up for them so the spirits could focus on the group. Once they sat down and took at look at their equipment, the Spirit Box went off and said "Wait" and at the same time the Ovilus screen displayed "Sit" and "Observe". So strange. These investigators proceeded to get a whole lot of activity that surrounded the military. They heard words like "General", "Soldier", "British", "Captain" and "Foliage". Their experience was so touching to Willie that as they were explaining the activity they got to him at the end of the night he got an extreme set of goosebumps.

Thursday was a really great night with Kaitlyn as the lead investigator. It was such a good evening that Kaitlyn mentioned that it was quite possibly the best tour she had ever been a part of. The great activity of the night started at the very top of the evening as the investigators were walking around the hot spots and listening to the history portion of the night. As they were walking around the space, Kaitlyn was snapping photos and caught two orbs directly together. Awesome!

The crazy activity continued while one of the investigators was watching the CCTV cameras, particularly Channel 6, during the history video. Kaitlyn turned towards the television set and thought that she saw a figure and another investigator mentioned that when the video was running she saw a figure on Channel 6. So much so that she, and her friend thought that someone had been standing next to them but when they turned, no one was there.

Making the night even more interesting and crazy, a ton of activity was happening around one lady in particular. She was sitting alone in a dark part of the building and her Ghost Meter Pro was going off sporadically in response to her questions. However, when anyone would go near her the activity would stop. All of a sudden, the women started to cry and dry heave. Kaitlyn was worried about her, but the woman told her that she wasn't upset, but just completely overcome with emotion. As soon as she stepped away from the area, she was okay again...

Friday night was a good night with Kelley as the lead. Everyone in the building that night were experienced investigators and brought a lot of their own equipment with them to use in the Gribble House. There was a lot of EMF activity throughout the building, and especially great Spirit Box action.

It seemed as though someone named Bishop was desperately trying to make contact with them that night. Not only did they hear that name come through randomly in several different voices, but it seemed as though whenever the investigators would ask for names it would come through. They heard "Bishop" and "Help me... Bishop" at one point. "What is your name", "Bishop" was the reply. "Will you touch the REM Pod, Thank you", and they heard the name "Bishop" again. They asked "Bishop, are you having fun" to which the heard the echoed reply "Having fun".

There was a string of strange words called through the Spirit Box. The investigators heard "He chocked", "Idiot", "Casket", "Daddy", "Wanted", "Bill was sick", and "Actually, go... move".

Finally, our girl power duo of Kaitlyn and Kelley had two great investigations on Saturday night. During the first investigation of the night the investigator groups split up and tried to cover the entire building and get as much activity as they could. The first group was at the Stage Area when they decided to ask how many spirits were with them in the hot spot. Two different voices came through and they heard both voices say "Five". The other group was in the Slave Quarters and just before Kaitlyn went into the hot spot to talk with them they heard her knock on the door and the Spirit Box called out the word "Watch".

When the first group moved into the Slave Quarters they asked if anyone would like to play with the Raggedy Ann doll and they heard through the Spirit Box the word "Doll". "Do you like to play games" they asked, to which they heard "Yeah". When the investigators asked "What is your favorite game to play" and they heard "Gold". Wow!

Finally, our last investigation of the night was just as good with Kelley and Kaitlyn in the lead. This second investigation had a great mix of both new investigators and Gribble House experienced investigators. The activity during this investigation started almost right off the bat during the history video of the night. Several of the investigators were feeling an intense tingling in their legs and one guest in particular was feeling numb almost all over.

There were some really great and slightly funny responses through the Spirit Box during this investigation. One of the investigators asked "What is your favorite food" and "Lettuce" came through as the reply. The investigators also heard the rather rude word "Shit" come through as the reply to several of their questions as a placeholder for an actual reply.

A wonderful week! Feel free to share anything you've captured in the building with us using the @gribblehouse or #gribblehouse!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Investigation Update 8.27.2017

It's been an incredible week here in Savannah. Despite being August, which is typically one of our slower months between exceptionally busy times, we've been staying as active as the building! There are people everywhere enjoying everything, except the eclipse that is! Here's a sample of some of the action we've seen in the building this week.

Willie took over as the lead investigator for the first two tours of the week. On Sunday night everyone in the building with Willie was from Florida, even though not all of them knew each other. Happy coincidence! The REM Pod was showing off throughout the night by going off as soon as Willie set it out for the evening and then going off like mad during the video portion. Willie seems to think it's because when it went off for the first time the investigators thanked the spirits for the activity and they were happy to have the acknowledgement.

Two of the investigators had a very negative reaction to being in the Gribble House hot spot and no where else in the building. As soon as they entered that area they were struck with dizziness and extreme headaches, which is not common but didn't seem to affect them as they went into the different parts of the building, which is very good.

On Tuesday night, Willie and his investigators had some great REM Pod activity again. This time, rather than starting off the night with that action, the device remained silent until the video began. The guests were watching the camera and noticed that the device started to go off just before Willie hit the play button, and they watched it go off almost constantly until the video ended. Someone must really enjoy that video, or enjoy that everyone has their backs turned watching the monitor... In conjunction with the REM Pod, Willie set out the blue Motion Sensor in the area where the Lady in White is usually seen, but that device remained silent throughout the night.

Again on this night like the one just before, guests started to feel funny, off, as they entered the Gribble House. One of the investigators even commented that she was feeling dizzy. This is very strange. As the walked out of the Gribble House hot spot and towards the center of the building, the REM Pod was going off and suddenly stopped. At the same time, Willie felt a cold breeze rush past him that made the hairs on his arms stand on end. This wasn't the only physical activity of the night- two of the folks investigating from California were swore they were touched.

On Wednesday night, Kelley was the lead investigator with a really fun group of people. Off the bat for the evening, Kelley and the investigators heard "Witch" and "The Witch" come through several times. The mother investigating that night told Kelley that her daughter practiced white magic. She and her daughter had split up in the building so they could cover more ground, and while she was holding the Ovilus some very relevant words kept coming up for her. She read Limp, Tissue, and Solo.

The Ovilus was really very active all night long. Although the Spirit Box was active as well and whole phrases were coming through, they were coming through very quietly and rapidly which made them hard to understand. Kelley recorded several of them, as she always does, so that she could listen and slow they down after the investigation was over to get a really good listen.

Lots of physical activity was happening all over the building that night. Not only did the investigators experience hair-raising cold breezes in the very warm building, they also got cold chills despite the fact that the space was muggy and far from cool. It felt as though the building had an electric buzz to it that all the investigators could feel. When Kelley as walking them through the various hot spots, the investigators didn't even walk into the Gribble House area before they could smell the strong floral scent of perfume. That has never happened to Kelley before, that she wasn't even in the hot spot before she could smell the aroma.

For the final two investigations of the week, Kaitlyn took over as the lead. On Thursday night, Kaitlyn reported that the building felt heavy, but by far the heaviest space was the Slave Quarters. As she was taking the investigators through the hot spots she was having a hard time breathing as she showed off the Slave Quarters and as they stepped out she felt a cold chill go through her. But, before she could even mention to the investigators how she felt they commented to her that the Slave Quarters was heavy and sad.

The Stage Area had some great soldier activity happening, even though that usually occurs in the Residual Area. They heard the name "Jack" come through when they asked who they were speaking to. They asked "Are we speaking to a solider" and they heard both "Army" and "War", which came through twice.

It was hot an muggy in the building that night but one thing that struck everyone as odd was the number of times that the investigators got chills as they went from hot spot to hot spot. In fact, Kaitlyn noted that every single time she walked out a hot spot to go to another she got a cold chill that would leave her with goosebumps.

Finally, on Saturday night, Kaitlyn took over again. She noted off the bat that the building felt wiggy. When she arrived to the Gribble House that night, all of the lights were turned off, including the equipment room. She left them off as she went to the Safe Room to get that area set up. When she went back to the Equipment Room, all the lights were on and the door wasn't closed all the way any longer! She thought that someone was in there and got a little nervous. When she opened the door, no one was in there, and she saw that one of the flashlights were on and one of the regularly unused Spirit Boxes were on. So very strange.

There were several names that got called through the Spirit Box that evening. They heard Conner, Eddie, Helen, and Jacob when the investigators were in the Slave Quarters. Through the Spirit Box, the investigators heard a large number of children's voices coming through, even more than they usually hear.

A few minutes later, there was a strange moment at the Stage Area when one of the investigators was watching the CCTV camera. On Channel Three, the investigator saw a figure standing and leaning against the windows. He said the figure appeared as though he waved before running off. No one else was in the building with them.

We hope everyone had a really good week, and we hope all our friend in Texas are safe and sound (and dry!) If you have anything to share, please tag us with the #gribblehouse or @gribblehouse!